Department of Marketing Strategy & Innovation

The Department of Marketing Strategy & Innovation uses a multi-disciplinary approach to develop insights about modern consumers and their consumption processes and behaviour. Adopting theories from a variety of fields such as psychology, sociology, economics, statistics and even medicine, our research aims to understand and address issues of importance in the contemporary market place.

Our research spans across micro and macro levels. At the micro level, research is conducted in the broad domain of behavioural research involving socio-psychological constructs such as research into human emotions, values, decision making, social identity, ethics and action. This work has been applied to the study of consumers, salespersons, managers, patients, doctors and organisations. At the macro level, we examine how firm-level issues such as market orientation, governance, CSR, inter-organisational trust and top management team characteristics affect the strategies and performance of firms in different geographical settings. Our department uses experimentation, survey research as well as qualitative research and has published in leading marketing and management journals.

Some of our research areas include:

  1. Consumer misbehaviour: The role of consumer emotions and values
  2. Consumers’ emotions and values in interaction with salespeople
  3. Consumers’ valuing process
  4. Consumption and loyalty after 40: Effect of brand experiences and image congruence on brand loyalty
  5. Consumption of shared services
  6. CSR, governance and firm performance
  7. Customer loyalty in various contexts
  8. Loneliness and consumption
  9. Managing the outcomes of adverse life events
  10. Parental behaviour and its influence on children’s obesity
  11. Technology adoption behaviour