Policies & Regulations

Policies & Regulations


Governance Policies

1.  Code of Practice for Ethical Conduct of Research

Ethics Approval

Procedures  updated

2.  Policy and Guidelines for Token of Appreciation NEW

3.  Research Governance and Integrity Policy 

4.  Sunway Institutional Repository  

5.  Biosafety Act 2007 and Sunway Lab Safety Policy

6.  Access to Sunway University for External Researchers

7.  The Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research NEW


Internal Research Support Schemes

1.  Internal Grant Scheme 2018  updated 10 Oct 2017

2Sunway University - Lancaster University Small Grant Scheme 

3.  Rewarding Research Policy  effective 2018

4.  Publication Support Scheme NEW

5.  Adjunct and Visiting Academic Appointment Policy NEW

6.  Project-Based Research Assistants / Graduate Research Assistants

7.  Research Sabbatical Scheme 2018 *New  

8.  Research Conference Participation *New

9.  Organizing of Research-Related Events

10. Award for Achievement in Research updated



  1. Job Service/Equipment Requisition Form
  2. Staff Reimbursement Form
  3. Student Helper/Field Assistant Reimbursement Form
  4. Final Project Report Form
  5. Budget Variation Form
  6. Change of Team Membership Form
  7. Material Transfer Form 
  8. MoA (no Financial committment version) 


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