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An Agenda for Climate Change and Mental Health in the Philippines

The latest report from Climate Cares, based at the Imperial College London, is a welcome addition to the small but slowly growing body of knowledge on the interconnections between climate change and mental health.

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A Turning Point for Planetary Health

The interconnectedness of life on our planet is a concept that is often invoked, but that has perhaps never before been so urgent and relevant to society and the decisions we must take.

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Decolonizing the Pandemic Treaty Through Vaccine Equity

In recent years, there have been growing calls to “decolonize” the field of global health. Global health traces its roots back to colonial medicine when old empires sought to address tropical diseases which, if not controlled, could be brought by colonizers back home.

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Closing the Gap on Health-Related Climate Financing

Vulnerable communities need support for health systems as they adapt to climate change.

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The Economy that Planetary Health Requires

As the pandemic subsides, the vision of a new era that would emphasize sustainability and equity has faded, and the global economy seems to be returning to business as usual. But planetary health, which includes our own, requires that we realize just such a vision.

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Climate, Health, and COP26 in the Time of COVID-19: Five Asks for the Global Health Sector

Scientific reports that have been published in recent weeks summarize the alarming situation we are currently in – and I am not referring to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which undoubtedly continues to bring disease and suffering to the world.

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A National Planetary Health Strategy Could Help the 12th Malaysia Plan Make Lasting Systemic Change

The 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) was launched in October 2021 with some fanfare – and with good reason. The plan marks a change in the government’s approach. It focuses on three key themes: resetting the economy; strengthening security, wellbeing and inclusivity; and advancing sustainability.

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The Climate Crisis: No More Talk, It's Time for Action

Tan Sri Prof Dr Jemilah Mahmood is in a hurry, and for good reason, because there is really no time to waste.

As professor and executive director of the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health, established in August, her goal is on point: to create an urgency among Malaysians on the need to change and take action to protect the planet.

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Humanity Needs to Come Together for the Planet's Health

Dr Jemilah Mahmood, a physician and experienced crisis leader, was appointed the executive director of the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health at Sunway University in August 2021. She is the founder of aid organisation Mercy Malaysia and has served in leadership roles internationally with the United Nations and Red Cross for the last decade. Planetary Health Matters is a monthly column in StarLifestye.

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Healing Planet Earth

Since Governments – through agreement on the 2015 Paris climate accord – imposed a deadline for limiting temperature increase to below 1.5 degrees celsius, there has been some movement in the right direction.

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