Speaking Engagements


Professor Glenda Crosling
Invited Panelist
Proofreading, Editing and Translation Forum (PETRAF)Kuala Lumpur
3 December 2022

Professor Graeme Atherton
Presentation: 'How to Build Bridges in a World of Increasing Inequalities Between Higher Education Systems?'
International Association of Universities Conference Dublin, Ireland
25 October 2022

Professor Graeme Atherton
Webinar: 'Equitable Access and Success in Higher Education: Mapping the Future Agenda'
International Association of Universities (IAU)-World Access to Higher Education Network (WAHEN)
11 October 2022

Professor Glenda Crosling
Webinar: (for Keypath Staff Professional Development)
Embedding Critical Thinking in Higher Education Studies
15 September 2022

Professor Glenda Crosling
Invited Moderator
ASEAN Quality Assurance Conference: 'Emerging from Crisis: Refining Quality Assurance Towards Stability in Higher Education'
9 August 2022

Professors Glenda Crosling, Graeme Atherton, Angela Lee Siew Hoong
Webinar: Building Digital Competence
UNESCO-UNEVOC and Centre for Higher Education Research, Sunway University
9 June 2022



Professor Glenda Crosling
Invited Panel Moderator at the 'Strategies for Effective Implementation of Blended Learning as a Long Term Approach' EDUtech Asia Webinar
8 November 2021

CHER Team: Dr Benedict Valentine Arulanandam (Associate Member), Professor Glenda Crosling (Head), Professor Graeme Atherton (Adjunct), Siti Norbaya Azizan (Team member)
Presenter: Dr Benedict Valentine Arulanandam
'Re-thinking Malaysian Universities Business Models- Building Sustainable Business School Graduates
3rd International Conference on Business, Economics and Finance, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei

Professor Graeme Atherton
National Equity Policy in Higher Education Study
ASEM Education Senior Officials Meeting
15 September 2021

Professor Glenda Crosling
Invited Panelist
'Sustainable Education Transcending the Future'
Malaysian Education Dean's Council Seminar 2021
(Seminar Kebangsaan Majlis Pendidikan Malaysia) UKM/ Universiti Awam Malaysia)
13 September 2021

Professor Graeme Atherton
'Equitable Access and Success in Higher Education'
8th Asia Europe Regional Conference on Higher Education
10 September 2021

Professor Glenda Crosling
Invited Interviewee
'World Universities Rankings 2021: Saudi Arabia and Egypt Fastest Rises'
Author Ellie Bothwell Times Higher Education
2 September 2021

Professor Graeme Atherton
'Building a Roadmap for an Equitable Global HE System'
Going Global 2021
15 June 2021

Professor Glenda Crosling
(As an invited panel member)
'Building an Inclusive and Sustainable EduData Pipeline: The End User'
EduData Summit
10 June 2021

Professor Graeme Atherton
'Student Mobility in the ASEAN Region: Understanding the Challenges of the 2020s'
The Southeast Asian Conference on Education (SEACE2021)
May 2021

Siti Norbaya Azizan
'University Students' Perspectives on Social Experience in Online Learning: A Post-Covid-19 Perspective'
European Conference on Education 2021 (ECE2021)
15 -18 July 2021

Professor Glenda Crosling
'Quality in Online Learning for Students' Future Success'
Kuala Lumpur 

Dr Graeme Atherton
9th European Conference on Education
15-18 July 2021

Siti Norbaya Azizan
IAFOR International Conference on Education
6 - 10 January 2021


Dr Graeme Atherton
World Bank Group Education Global Practice Clinic
The Equity Implications of COVID-19 for Tertiary Education
December 2020

Dr Graeme Atherton
High Level Education Ministers Roundtable, Education at the Brink of Collapse - Finding Sustainable Funding to Protect Education
9thAfrica Students and Youth Summit
Higher Education and the Post Covid World
December 2020

Professor Glenda Crosling
QS-Apple International Education Conference
Building Resilience in Higher Education
25 - 27 November 2020

Professor Glenda Crosling
EduTECH Asia Conference
Re-evaluating the Role of Universities in Educating Future Leaders
November 20, 2020

Dr Graeme Atherton
World Access to Higher Education Day Conference
Access and Success in Higher Education: COVID-19 and Global Collaboration
November 2020

Professor Glenda Crosling
Emerald Publishers Seminar
20 October 2020

Professor Glenda Crosling
EduTECH The Philippines Virtual Education Conference
17-18 August 2020

Professor Glenda Crosling and Associate Professor Angela Lee Sieu
EduTECH Asia Virtual Conference
Tips for Facilitation of Active Online Learning

25 June 2020

Dr Graeme Atherton
Policy Dialogue Webinar: A Dialogue on the Study on Enhancing Intra-ASEAN Student Mobility
Understanding Student Mobility in the ASEAN Region
June 2020

Dr Graeme Atherton
ASEAN Connectivity Coordinating Conference (ACCC), Jakarta
Study on Enhancing Intra-ASEAN University Student Mobility: Interim Findings
February 2020