Featured Projects

Atlas of Maritime Buddhism (Ongoing)

This project is an Australian Research Council (ARC)-funded international collaborative initiative among several institutions including the University of California Berkeley, United States and the University of New South Wales, Australia. Our members contribute to the development of a pioneering narrative-driven deep mapping schema that will investigate narrative coherence through the experimental application of the world’s first deep mapping data browser — a navigational interface developed in a 360-degree 3D (omnidirectional) virtual environment.


The Handbook Project (Ongoing)

A collaborative project with Ageing + Communication + Technologies (ACT) of Concordia University, Canada, it examines not only the themes of age and ageing, but also how people’s hands tell stories. The project uses an ethnographic approach and interviews to create “multi-sensory” records that document and archive the participants’ everyday life experience and engagement with their creativity.


Automatic Waste Management Network/Database (Ongoing)

This project explores the possibilities of technology involvement in household waste management facilities of existing high-rise residential buildings in Malaysia. The project includes a feasibility study for specifically designed waste disposal/collection utilities operating as a network in which all information related to disposed items are tracked, stored and shared between resource management agencies and related authorities.


The Post Box Cinema (Ongoing)

This project involves a three-dimensional artwork combining sculptural and video elements to create a video sculpture that reflects the relationship between contemporary life and an idealised vision of nature. The artwork contrasts a letterbox with its shadow, reflecting an idealised video image of a mountain scene. This shadow is a metaphor of our subconscious, presenting a vision of the world that is not normally articulated but is still actively present in our decision making. The juxtaposition of these images is intended to create a relationship between the ideas of modern post-industrial society and 19th century Romanticism.


The Hainan Boatbuilder of Pangkor Island Documentary

The traditional process of building large wooden fishing boats comprises both intangible (tacit knowledge) and tangible (built) forms of heritage that could soon disappear. As a way to contribute to the country’s cultural heritage, this project digitally captured, archived and preserved the livelihood of Mr Goh Boon Kong, the only Hainan master boatbuilder on Pangkor Island, Perak, Malaysia. Dedicated to Mr Goh and his team, this project brought to light a deeply personal story of a fading Malaysian heritage, presenting it for a contemporary audience to experience.


PureLand: Inside the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang Design & Installation

(in collaboration with Professor Sarah Kenderdine and Professor Jeffrey Shaw of University of New South Wales, Australia)
This was a pioneering augmented reality installation shown for the first time in Malaysia. Within it, the paintings and sculptures of Cave 220, a cave dated to early Tang dynasty from the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang in Gansu province, China were rendered virtually. Visitors to the installation used iPad screens as mobile viewing windows to explore the magnificent Buddhist wall paintings found inside Cave 220.



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