Centre for Accountability and Governance Research (CAGR)

Centre for Accountability and Governance Research



Centre for Accountability and Governance Research

The Centre For Accountability & Governance Research (CAGR) was established within the Sunway University Business School in April 2019 with Professor Susela Devi K. Suppiah as its first Director.The Centre aims to transform the innovative ideas of Academic Researchers to positively impact and benefit the society and government in the fields of accountability and governance. In addition, CAGR will provide a platform for Industries to engage more closely not only with the researchers but also with the University students and so the firms could identify and recruit the young talents. CAGR will constantly be encouraging not only the seasoned researchers but also the budding researchers by introducing them various research phases through workshop, training and research supportive software sessions. CAGR’s long term goal is on exploring the utilization of Artificial Intelligence into the mainstream research so as to ensure accuracy and reliability on business researches.


To be a highly visible ASEAN Centre for Research that conducts real world impact Research & Development focusing on Accountability & Governance issues in the Digital Economy.


To engage, innovate and impact the wider community using effective and innovative technologies and solutions that enhance collaboration among academia and industry as well as civil society to meet real-world needs of the ASEAN Economic Community.



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