Research Centre for Applied Physics and Radiation Technologies

Centre for Higher Education Research



The Research Centre for Applied Physics and Radiation Technologies was formally established in 2017 after being in development by Professor David Andrew Bradley and his collaborators over a period of 18 months. Our work has particular focus on health sciences, studies in protection of the environment and the needs of various industries including both the non-nuclear and nuclear fuel cycle industries. Other fields actively being pursued include heavy ion radiobiology, fundamental atomic and nuclear structure, and decay physics research with potential applications in a variety of fields.


To be a leader in radiation sciences research and education, with activities in the areas of health, environmental protection, industrial radiation applications and fundamental processes


To respond to the many challenges and opportunities that are being presented daily in theoretical and experimental aspects of radiation science, including medical applications of ionising radiation (in radiotherapy, diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine) and applications in radiation protection in the workplace and for members of the public


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