Research Projects


AGEWELL:The Sunway Ageing and Well-Being study

Sunway University’s AGEWELL is a longitudinal project aiming to find out the optimal combination of life conditions that predicts positive multidimensional (i.e. neural, psychological, biological and economic) ageing outcomes in a sample of senior citizens from the larger Kuala Lumpur metropolitan area in Malaysia. This project is a collaboration between many universities, including Sunway University, Monash University and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), and it is supported by the Long-Term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS) of the Ministry of Higher Education from Malaysia.

If you are interested to participate, please contact:

Contact Person:

Mr Arjun Thanaraju
016 244 6789


CORONARISK: A Multinational Survey on the Determinants of Mental Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic

In this project, we surveyed 4,400+ individuals across more than 20 countries in the world, in order to understand the determinants of mental health during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. We had a strong focus on socioeconomic determinants of mental health amongst individuals from middle and low-income countries.

More information can be found on this link.

Contact Person:

Dr Chan Jee Kei


FILMSTIM: A Database of Emotional Film Stimuli Validated for Behavioural and Neuroscience Researchers

In this project, a database of video excerpts that elicit a wide range of emotional states was developed and validated several years ago. It is currently maintained and made freely accessible for behavioural and neuroscience researchers who need to investigate emotional states in controlled laboratory settings. The article describing the database and its validation can be accessed here:

Schaefer, A., Nils, F., Sanchez, X., & Philippot, P. (2010). Assessing the effectiveness of a large database of emotion-eliciting films: A new tool for emotion researchers. Cognition and emotion, 24(7), 1153-1172.

The database can be accessed from this link.

Contact Person:

Alexandre Schaefer


EEGMANYLABS: A Multinational Consortium Attempting to Replicate Some of the Most Important Results in the Field of EEG/ERP Research

Psychology and Neuroscience studies have faced in recent years an important “replication crisis”. An important step to address this issue is to actually measure the extent to which certain fields of knowledge are affected by this issue, and what are the determinants of replication successes or failures. The EEGManyLabs project is a consortium of researchers trying to tackle this issue in the field of human electrophysiology, an important part of the wider field of human neuroscience. Our group is one of the replicating labs of this consortium.

Our position paper in the journal Cortex can be accessed here.

Contact Person:

Dr Aleya Marzuki