Meet the Team


Prof. Pervaiz K Ahmed

Pervaiz K Ahmed is a Management scholar exploring innovation and strategic dynamics of entrepreneurial change. His outlook on management is colored by moral responsibility, particularly ethics of care and sustainability. Pervaiz has held several senior positions in the UK before coming to Malaysia. He has published extensively in international journals and is a regular keynote speaker with a number of academic awards for his research. In addition, he has served as editor and sits on the editorial boards of several international journals. He has extensive experience working with and advising blue-chip companies and public sector organizations, such as Unilever, Ford, AT&T, NCR, British Telecommunications, and the NHS in Europe. He has also been involved with corporate clients in Asia, as well as government agencies, such as the Singapore National Productivity Council.

In recent times Pervaiz has been involved with the Government of Dubai’s Public Sector Innovation and Improvement Initiative, and also served on projects commissioned by Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Ministry of International Trade (MITI), and APEC Secretariat.



Prof. Santha Vaithilingam
Deputy Director

Prof. Santha is a Professor of Econometrics and Policy Modelling at Sunway University. She is trained in mathematical modeling. Her current research interest revolves around behavioral econometrics, using mathematical and statistical modeling to understand human behavior and the decision-making process. Her research work is also focused on developing good research instruments and using robust data analytics & advanced statistical tools to research technology, innovation, and economic policy modeling for enhancing sustainable economic development. These tools are in high demand for researchers and trained personnel to undertake sound empirical analysis for effective policy formulation at the national, state, industrial, and community-level economic development issues.

She is currently involved in national and regional projects with the Academy of Science Malaysia (ASM), industry, and community organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, she has published extensively in leading international refereed journals in the field.



Yeng Hong Qing
Senior Research Analyst

Hong is a senior research analyst specializing in quantitative analysis at the institute. With a background in psychology from Monash University, he shifted towards economic research and analysis as an aspiring behavioural economist. His work focuses on data analytics and modeling, where the insights inform policy recommendations and solutions. Hong has led the economic analysis and contributed to numerous national policy reports and publications at the institute, such as the MySTIE 10-10 Framework, Science Outlook 2020, Study on Strengthening The Environmental Governance in Malaysia, and the National Water Sector Transformation 2040.

Hong’s primary research interest lie in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects of private and public sector development. In particular, the lack of equity in economic opportunities and outcomes between strata of society which impacts a country's social well-being and economic stability. During his downtime, Hong enjoys modern European-styled board games and agonizes over maximizing victory points with a group of friends.



Dr Teow Hui Hui
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Hui Hui is a postdoctoral research fellow at IGSC, Sunway University. She completed a Ph.D. in management at Monash University Malaysia. Concurrently, she holds a Bachelor of Food Science & Technology and a Master in International Business from Monash University Malaysia. Hui Hui is a researcher who specializes in career management and organizational behavior. Her current research projects in IGSC revolve around the health and well-being of humans, the planet, and productivity. Her preferred research method is survey research with an emphasis on structural equation modeling. She has presented her research papers at several international conferences, such as the annual conference 2019 held by The European Academy of Management (EURAM) in Portugal, the 2017 Academy of International Business Southeast Asia (AIBSEAR) conference in Thailand, and the 2021 Academy of International Business Asia Pacific Regional Conference, December 2021, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.



Shirlyn Tang
Research Analyst

Shirlyn graduated from Monash University with a first-class honors in the Bachelor’s of Psychological Science. During her time with the institute, she has worked on projects from in a variety of areas, such as business, social and public services, as well as the field of sustainability and biodiversity. Her main research interests include organizational behaviors and gender inclusivity in the workplace. Apart from writing and researching, she enjoys doing yoga, listening to Llofi music, and having “coffee time” throughout the day.



Choong Chai Lim
Research Analyst

Chai Lim is a Research Analyst who specializes in qualitative research that focuses on deriving sentiments and perspectives from stakeholders on the ground through surveys and focus group discussions. Her work has contributed to the publication of several national reports, such as the MySTIE 10-10 framework, Science Outlook 2020, and the National Water Sector Transformation 2040.

Prior to her station at Sunway University, Chai Lim spent two years at Monash University Malaysia assisting in research in the field of economics, as well as three years in the food and beverage sector. She graduated from Monash University Malaysia and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Food Science and Technology.

Chai Lim's research interests lie in sustainable development, particularly in smart cities, transportation, and renewable energy. As we inch closer to the first quarter of the 21st Century, the negative impact of climate change becomes more evident and tangible; and if the human race is to survive, we must begin with change. She envisions a sustainable Malaysia as a beacon for change and hopes her research will help contribute to its transformation into a green, circular, and globally competitive Malaysia.



Leong Zhuan Kee, Vis
Research Analyst

Vis is a research analyst with IGSC, specializing in quantitative analysis. He completed his research pathway program at Monash University in 2021. He was awarded the best student in his cohort after completing an empirical study on the relationship between exhaustion and creative deviance. He has also won other awards, most notably the national champion in ASEANDSE in 2019, where he also represented Malaysia at the regional level in Bangkok. His most recent work involved a book chapter publication on cryptocurrency adoption. He is currently working on economic forecasting models. His interest areas include quantitative methods, creativity, well-being, public health, and behavioral and health economics.




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