Management Committee & Sunway Members

Management Committee


Professor Crispin Bates
Professor of South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies, School of Arts and Director, SAIOS

Research Interest: Modern History of South Asia; Migration in the Indian Ocean region


Professor Agamuty Pariatamby
Professor at Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development

Research Interest: Sustainable Development


Dr Mageswari Ranjanthran
Lecturer, Sunway School of Business

Research Interest: Sustainable Tourism



Dr Fiona Wong E Chiong
Lecturer at School of Arts, Sunway University

Research Interest: Performance of Indian Epics in South-East Asia

Sunway Members


Distinguished Professor Mohamed Ariff Syed Mohamed
Distinguished Professor, Economics and Finance at Sunway University

Research Interest: Financial Economics and Development


Professor Harold Thwaites
Director, Centre for Research-Creation in Digital Media, School of Arts

Research Interest: Digital Media and Heritage


Dr. Marina Carter
Adjunct Researcher, SAIOS

Research Interest: Indian Ocean History


Srikumar Ramayan
Adjunct Researcher, SAIOS

Research Interest: Media and Minority Cultures, Corporate Communications, the Agoria in Indian Cinema


Assoc. Prof. Dr Alexander Trupp
Associate Dean - Research and Postgraduate Studies at School of Hospitality & Service Management, Sunway University

Research Interest: Tourism and Migration in South-East Asia


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