Featured Projects

Synthesis, characterisation and evaluation of novel green solvents with properties tuned for CO2 capture
The physical, chemical and transport properties of new green solvents are determined and their CO2 absorption capacities are measured. Both thermodynamic and kinetics data are generated in order to elucidate the mechanism of reaction between CO2 and these new solvents. Absorption/desorption cycles are carried out in order to investigate the reusability of these solvents.

Development of new solid sorbents for CO2 capture
In this study, amine-functionalised solid adsorbents are synthesised and their performances in fixing CO2 are evaluated. The study focuses on determination of adsorption isotherms as well as evaluation of breakthrough curves.

Development of new gas-liquid contactor technologies such as membrane contactors for CO2 absorption process
Commercially available membrane modules such as hollow fibre type modules are used as contactors for the capture of CO2 from gas streams. Conventional as well as novel solvents are used in this study. The performance of the membrane contactors is benchmarked to that of conventional packed bed absorbers.

Development and optimisation of CO2 conversion processes
This part involves the application of the concept of process intensification to develop more efficient and sustainable routes for the transformation of the captured CO2 to useful fuels and chemicals. Electrochemical processes are employed to convert CO2 in the gas as well as in the liquid phase. These processes involve the development of new catalysts especially biocatalysts.