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Research Overview

Research Overview

Sunway University is a young, ambitious university aiming to make a real impact in the world. Unlike the vast majority of private universities around the world, Sunway University is placing enormous emphasis on the development of its research profile. Supported by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, Sunway University is investing heavily in research: we are recruiting academics with strong research profiles and a proven track-record of publication in leading journals, and have commissioned brand new, state-of-the-art laboratories and other facilities to support our research

Already, Sunway University’s ground breaking, innovative research is making a real difference in the world, including the development of new vaccines, finding new ways to fight cancer, improving the life opportunities of our children, and e-commerce and sentiment analysis, to name but a few areas. Please click on the links below to read about the research interests of some of our staff.



Professor Steve Williams
Professor and Dean - Sunway University Business School

Associate Professor Dr Foo Yin Fah
Director - Sunway Institute for Social Entrepreneurship

Professor Ho Chee Kit
Head (Academic) - Centre for Actuarial Studies, Applied Finance and Statistics

Professor Wong Koi Nyen
Associate Dean (Undergraduate) and Interim Associate Dean (Postgraduate Programmes and Research) - Sunway University Business School

Associate Professor Dr Chang Chee Fei
Head (Academic) - Department of Accounting

Dr Liew Su Ann

Dr Koon Vui Yee
Senior Lecturer

Dr Sun Poi Hun
Senior Lecturer

Dr William Eng Yong Keong

Professor Naveed Ahmed Khan
Head, Department of Department of Biological Sciences
Distinguished Professor

Professor Edward R.T. Tiekink
Distinguished Professor & Head of the Centre for Crystalline Materials

Associate Professor Dr Lau Sian Lun
Associate Dean and Head (Academic) - Department of Computing and Information Systems


Adjunct Staff

Professor Harold Thwaites
Professor & Dean - School of Arts

Mark Teh

Azmyl Yusof
Senior Lecturer

Suffian Hadi Ayub

Padma Priya K.R Pillai

Yesuselvi Manickam

Priyadharshini Ahrumugam

Intan Abida Abu Bakar

Dr Wong Kok Keong
Senior Lecturer

Serena Leow Wai Yee

Srikumar K.Ramayan
Senior Teaching Fellow

Catherine Lee Cheng Ean
Senior Lecturer

Hafez Zainudin

Nurul Ain Haron

Saiful Hazmi Bachek

Saravanamalar Surarajah

Prof. Peh Suat Cheng
Director, Sunway Institute for Healthcare Development
Special Adviser on Life Sciences Translational Research Development and Research Professor cum Professor of Pathology

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