Your personality is what makes you an individual, but what is it? How unique are you? Is your personality determined by your genes or by your environment? Is the structure of human personality the same across the World? Have humans always had the same personalities? Why does your personality matter in the 21st century job-market? Can you change your personality? Drawing on more than 25 years of research and applied practice Dr Gill will address these fundamental questions to explore what it is to be a human and why personality is fundamental to your success as an individual and our shared survival as members of the human species. He will briefly review the development of personality trait models and what they may reveal about you, as well as presenting some new evidence that suggests current psychological models of personality are incomplete. He will show how personality is fundamental to your career success and explore whether or not you can change your personality.



28 September 2017  (Thursday)


5:30pm – 7:00pm


Lecture Theatre 4, UG (West Wing), Sunway University



Professor CM Hew D Gill

Professor CM Hew D Gill 
Head - Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology


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