Professorial Lecture Series

The Professorial Lecture Series (PLS) is an initiative by Sunway University’s Research & Enterprise Office to showcase the diverse range of research undertaken at the University, and highlight the academic endeavours of the professorial staff. The PLS is part of the University’s efforts in disseminating knowledge through free public talks to the wider community. All are invited!


Upcoming Lecture

23 Apr

Transforming business action towards eliminating plastic waste

This lecture introduces the research theme Transforming business action towards eliminating plastic waste by exploring some of the exciting transdisciplinary research opportunities available to academics in this area.

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25 Apr

On Art-Making: Creativity in Theory, Practice and Teaching

If you’re curious about creativity, responsible for helping others with their creative processes, or just have a nagging sense that on a personal level you should be living a more ‘creative’ life, then this talk is for you.

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