Past Professorial Lecture Series

The Professorial Lecture Series at Sunway University seeks to give the community and the public an opportunity to listen to outstanding experts speak on a variety of issues, providing a platform for intellectual discourse and lifelong learning.

This is one of the many activities which Sunway University has embarked on to further boost its Social Responsibility efforts in education. All public lectures under the Series are free and open to the public. All are invited.


Past Lectures

18 Jun

Joint-Lecture: Designing and Delivering Tomorrow's World

What will future cities look like and how might these shape our behaviour and minimise our impact on the planet?

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23 Apr

Transforming business action towards eliminating plastic waste

This lecture introduces the research theme Transforming business action towards eliminating plastic waste by exploring some of the exciting transdisciplinary research opportunities available to academics in this area.

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27 Sep

In Search of Function: A Cancer Research Odyssey

This lecture aims to provide a greater understanding of how the molecular underpinnings of cancer cells affect their own behaviour and ultimately influence the clinical response of patients

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04 Jun

In Search of the Imperfect

Do you just ask questions or do you sometimes try to answer them? One of the more pointed challenges a scientist can face, hopefully inspiring progress in research.

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