Postgraduate Student Resources

PGR Student Resources


Postgraduate Degree by Research - Candidature Process


  1. Examiner Guidelines for Research Proposal Evaluation
  2. Thesis Writing Guidelines
  3. External Examiner Payment Rates & Guidelines

Process Flow

  1. Registration
  2. Transfer from Master's to Doctoral Program
  3. Change of Thesis Title / Specialisation / Supervisor / CoSupervisor
  4. Submission of Full Research Proposal
  5. Submission of Research Progress Report
  6. Submission on of Work Completion Seminar
  7. Submission of Notice of Thesis
  8. Appointment of Examiners and Thesis/Dissertation Examination
  9. Thesis Examination / Viva Voce
  10. Graduation


  1. Application Form
  2. Progress Report Form
  3. Change of Thesis Title Form
  4. Change of Specialisation form
  5. Change in Supervisory Team Form
  6. Supervisor’s Report Form
  7. Thesis Proposal Evaluation Form
  8. Work Completion Seminar Form
  9. Work Completion Seminar Amendments (Form A & B)
  10. Notice of Thesis Submission Form
  11. Thesis Examiner Nomination Form
  12. Thesis submission form
  13. Thesis / Proposal Amendments (Form A & B)
  14. Statement of original Authorship form
  15. Request for extension to submission of Thesis Form
  16. Nomination of Reviewer for Transfer from MSc to PhD 
  17. Reviewer Recommendation Form for Transfer from MSc to PhD


Other Resources for Postgraduate Students

  1. Ethics Approval
  2. Project Support Guiding Principles NEW (Effective 1st August 2019)
  3. Conference Support NEW (Effective 1st August 2019)
  4. Scholarship for Sunway University Postgraduate Programmes by Research
  5. Epigeum 
  6. Postgraduate student Supervision Workshop Slides
  7. SMM Centre for Nested Entrepreneurship Doctoral Scholarship (Business)



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