Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


You may email the Contact Person of your respective School or Centre as listed here for inquiries regarding your course.

Students are advised to familiarise themselves on how to consult with their lecturers, outside the class hours, whether face-to-face, or online. This is usually communicated through the individual subjects’ eLearn page, course outlines and/or other learning platforms that the lecturers use. Peer learning support is available for selected subjects through the Peer Assisted Learning Programme.

What is most important is that if you feel that you are facing academic challenge and need help, you should let your lecturer know, so that the appropriate assistance can be given to you.

English is the medium of instruction in the University and widely spoken in Malaysia. However, you will be required to learn our national language Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language), as part of your study programme, in a subject called Bahasa Kebangsaan (National Language) . Aside from Malay and English, Chinese dialects (such as Mandarin, Hakka and Hokkien), and Indian dialects (such as Tamil, Telugu and Malayalee) are also spoken in the country.
Students who require English language support can email to book a consultation with a CELS lecturer.



Online learning refers to a mode of learning that takes place on a virtual platform. In online learning, activities that normally take place during face-to-face session will be conducted virtually.

Online learning can be conducted even when participants are remotely positioned, unlike face-to-face learning, where learning takes place at a designated physical location.

In face-to-face learning, the use of technological tools or platform, in some subjects, are optional but for online learning, because it takes place virtually, the use of a technological platform or tech application to support learning activities is inevitable. Students can use a laptop/ desktop, a tablet, or a mobile phone to engage with online learning.

Instructors may use different approaches to teach or support your learning online. Some may conduct live sessions, while others use educational videos and design online learning activities for you to engage with. Most instructors use a combination of these approaches to teach and support you in your learning.
As an online learner, you must make sure that you:
  • Stay informed. Seek answers if you do not have them by contacting your school or writing to/ communicating with your instructor.
  • Engage in your learning by completing all online activities (watching videos, online learning tasks or tutorial questions, etc.)
  • Participate in all scheduled live sessions. Watch the recorded version if you are not able to attend the live ones.
  • Participate during live sessions, particularly when you are asked to demonstrate your understanding.
  • Take every opportunity to ask questions, for example on discussion forum/ any tech platform that your instructor has adopted for Q and A, and during live sessions to get clarification from your instructor on subject content.
  • Complete any online quizzes (ungraded) or any other formative activities to test your understanding. That way you will know how much you have understood. This helps you in planning your learning.
  • Be responsible in group work, more so because of the remote location of each group member.

One learning is not self-learning; it is a guided/ facilitated process. Your instructor will provide you with necessary guidance/ facilitation to support your learning. Guidance may be provided to you through carefully designed content, feedback sessions, and formative online activities.

Online learning, however, requires you to be more self-regulated and independent in your learning.

There are different ways to ask questions online. You can:
  • Post questions on online forum
  • Share concerns and questions on any application that your instructor has adopted for example, Socrative, Slido, Google Form, Padlet, or WhatsApp. (Do check which application is adopted by your instructor.)
  • Ask questions during live sessions (i.e., through chat functions)
  • Send an email to your instructor.

If you cannot find any platform for you to ask questions, please highlight this to your instructor.

Some of the platforms that are available at Sunway University, for example Blackboard eLearn, Ms Team and Panopto record your attendance automatically when you access videos/ video links, or when you participate in live sessions through these platforms. Your instructor may also ‘take your attendance’ when you have completed some online activities.

However, some instructors may choose to use other external platforms, like YouTube, Zoom, EdPuzzle, to conduct their online sessions. In such case, you may need to communicate with your instructor and get a clearer picture on how your attendance is recorded.

Please watch Part 2 of ‘Introduction to Online Learning’ (for students) to get more explanation about attendance. If you are still in doubt, please check with your instructor.

In such case, you will not be considered absent as long as you engage with the recording of the live session.

Please communicate with your instructor if you have problems getting online during a live session so that he or she can consider an alternative arrangement for you.

If you do not have a strong Wi-Fi connection, your online learning may be affected in two ways:
  • It may take you longer to download educational videos
  • Your learning experience with live session may be affected
  • The work that you submit online may not go through.
  • It is important that you communicate with your instructor the issues that you face with connectivity, so that he or she can consider an alternative arrangement for you.

You can still participate in live sessions, watch educational videos or engage with online activities using your mobile phone. However, the quality of your learning may differ (i.e., smaller screen size). Depending on the online platform used, some functions may also not work on a mobile phone.
You can still participate in live sessions, watch educational videos or engage with online activities using your mobile phone. However, the quality of your learning may differ (i.e., smaller screen size). Depending on the online platform used, some functions may not work on a mobile phone.
A laptop/ desktop camera may be useful during live sessions, particularly when the instructor would like you to present something. At any other time, it is adequate to only be participating through audio or chat function during live sessions.
You may be asked to share your ideas during live sessions, but often, the built-in microphone in your computer is adequate.
You can share your work with your instructor in the following ways: Through Blackboard eLearn, MS Teams, or Padlet or any online platform that is assigned for the submission of your work. Consult your instructor if this is not clear to you.
Yes, you can. There are many platforms that you can use for group work. You can, for example, set up a group on Facebook or WhatsApp to share and discuss your ideas. Your instructor may also assign a specific online platform for the monitoring of group work.
This can be tricky for students because of logistic issues but your instructor may adopt one of the following ways to form groups:
  • Random selection of group members (decided by instructor)
  • Self-selection of group members (only for returning students) (decided by students)
  • According to projects At any point, if you face difficulties in finding a group to join (selfselection), please inform your instructor immediately.

You may have to sacrifice some sleep to participate in the live session. However, if this is not possible, you are required to engage with the recording of the live session.

You must also keep your instructor informed of your current situation and stay in contact with your instructor for any difficulties you face in accessing the recordings of live session.

You may need to send an email to OR call 03-7491 8766, for IT Services (ITS) Assistance. You can also contact ITS for issues with:
  • iZone
  • iMail
  • Payment

When communicating with ITS, please provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Programme name
  • Contact no.
  • Description of problem/assistance required

IT Services are available from Mon-Fri, 8.30am - 5.30pm. Please take note that resolution time depends on the nature of problem/issue/ request.

You may call our hotline numbers for each academic school which are available from Mondays - Fridays, 9 am - 5 pm here.



You shall receive your payment advice via your iMail. There are various payment methods available such as online payment, telegraphic transfer, ATM machine, or Online Banking. Details of the different payment methods can be found in your payment advice.



The normal operating hours of the main library is from 8:00am-10:00pm on Monday till Fridays, and 10:00 am – 3:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Library will be closed during Public Holidays. During exam period the library may extend its opening hours. You may check the library opening hours from Sunway Campus Library website here

There are many study spaces around the campus. You may refer to the information provided on Campus Tour for alternative study areas.
If you lose any valuable items, please report to the Security Office situated at the Ground Floor of SCKL building.
If you are unwell while you are in campus, you may seek medical consultation from our campus nurse at Nightingale Bay, before going to Sunmed Clinic at Sunway Pyramid or go to Sunway Medical Center. The Nightingale Bay is opened 8.30am to 5.30pm (Mondays - Fridays), and it is situated at the ground floor, SCKL North Building- West side.
In case of emergency, please call or whatsapp +60193362242.
Sunway University      
Concourse 6 am to 12 pm 6 am to 12 pm  
Cafeteria - Fresco 6 am to 12 pm Closed After 12pm, students are encouraged to move to the Mezzanine Floor Library (Open until 2am) College Foyer for studies.
Sunway College      
Foyer 6 am to 3 am 6 am to 3 am 03-74913740
Open Deck (above Boulevard) 6 am to 12 pm 6 am to 8 pm  
Atrium (Garden East Level 1) 7 am to 10 pm 7 am to 8 pm  
Atricum Garden East Level 2 7 am to 10 pm 7 am to 8 pm  
Atrium Garden West Level 2 7 am to 10 pm 7 am to 8 pm  

Campus Lockdown time is at 3 am

For sports facilities, you can email for details. Please email for the booking of facilities. The availability of the facilities is on first come first serve basis. Please note that the facilities are closed due to MCO.



Please send us an email at on the clubs and societies that you would like to join.

We have a wide range of clubs and societies to cater to each student's need. All clubs and societies are self-governed under the supervision and patronage of Student Leadership & Engagement Unit. A complete list of clubs and societies is available here



Yes, you may choose to use either the public transportation or the service that we provide. Check it out here.  At the bottom of that page you will see Sunway Bus Services.

The Room Identification coding is a combination of building name, compass orientation and alphanumerical characters.

The first set of alphabets relates to the building's name and compass orientation of the classroom. The abbreviation is as follows:
UW University Building West
UC University Building Centre
UE University Building East

The second set relates to floor levels and can either be in alphabet or numerals.
LG Lower Ground
1 Level 1
2 Level 2
3 Level 3

And the levels continue until Level 11
The last set of numbers refers to the classroom unit identification.
1 classroom No 1
2 classroom No 2

Example: UC-3-6 --> University Building Centre, Level 3, Classroom No 6 For other large Auditoriums, Lecture Theatres and Halls, below are some guidance. The names of these large teaching spaces is a combination of building name and alphanumerical. Examples:
University LT6 --> University Building Lecture Theatre no. 6
College LT6 --> College Building Lecture Theatre no. 6
GC Hall 3 --> Graduate Centre Building Hall no. 3

There are also venues called Function Rooms both at the University and Graduate Centre buildings respectively. Examples:
GC Function Room 2 --> Graduate Centre Building Function Room no.2
UW Function Room 2-->University Building West Function Room 2

You may install Sunway MyCampus App, official pocket guide to Sunway Campus; useful for newcomers to locate classrooms, facilities and staff offices with its animated navigation on outdoor and indoor map. The App also delivers news and events about happenings related to the campus.

Campus student printing services are available at IT Learning Labs and Library areas below:


  • IT Learning Lab 1 - Lvl 1, College South Building
  • IT Learning Lab 2 - Lvl 2, University West Building
  • IT Learning Lab – Lvl2, University East Building (Printer Only)
  • Library Printing Room - B1, University Building
  • Library Ground Floor – University Building (Printer Only)
  • Library Mezzanine Floor University Building (Printer Only)

Yes they do. They accept Boost, Touch ‘n Go, GrabPay and Maybank QRPAY
Yes, the University ensures that all food vendors on the campus provide Halal food.




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