Campus Tour

Know Your Way Before Arrival

However, you can also check out the campus and know your way around even before you arrive. 

Explore every nook and cranny of the campus from the routes of the bus services to each and every building at the campus. Be at home with your surrounding.
Find out about the location of your School and where the lecture theaters, classes, and labs are. Also explore related venues like the galleries, and halls.
At times when you may need alternative study areas for discussion or personal revisions, check out the foyer, atrium, pods and student hubs available. Or for a short respite, try the South College and the North College gardens.

Check out the many eateries and cafes that can be found on campus serving a wide array of cuisines from Local Favourites to International Tastes. And if you would like to experience fine-dining, we have that too! 

The University has many top instagrammable spots around the campus. Check them out and share with your friends. There are also many ATMs for your convenience. Also, we have compiled tips to avoid common pitfalls when you are in campus. Enjoy!




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