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First Private Tertiary Institution to Collaborate with Private Hospital within the Same Group

First Private Tertiary Institution to Collaborate with Private Hospital within the Same Group

Recognising the acute shortage and increasing demand for nurses in Malaysia and internationally, and in tandem with the government’s call to provide better health care services to the general public, Sunway University proudly announced the signing of a Nursing Training Agreement between Sunway Medical Centre (SunMed) and Sunway University College (Sunway), to work in partnership to improve the calibre of nurses and meet the shortage in the country. The signing ceremony was held at Sunway University College recently. The Government has since classified nursing as a critical field and allowed the formation of many new nursing colleges.

This is a huge milestone for any private institute of higher learning as it positions Sunway University College as the first private institution of higher learning to collaborate with a 5 star private hospital within the same group of companies.

The Agreement was signed by Professor Jarlath Ronayne, Vice Chancellor of Sunway University College and Ms. Ch’ng Lin Ling, Chief Operating Officer of Sunway Medical Centre. The signing ceremony was attended by the Secretary of the Nursing Board, Malaysia, Pn. Zainooriah Binti Dato’ Haji Zakaria, who was the Guest of Honour.

This collaboration allows Sunway University College students to be fully sponsored by Sunway Medical Centre to pursue a nursing programme with Sunway University College and allows students to undergo training attachments with the hospital as part of the course requirements.

By undergoing clinical attachments, the student nurses will work as part of a competent healthcare team in a variety of settings which prepares them for the real world work they will eventually embark upon.

The full sponsorship which includes accommodation is valued at Ringgit Malaysia Fifty Eight Thousand (RM 58,000) per student for the 3 year programme. In return, the students will be bonded to SunMed upon qualifying.

Sunway Medical Centre is currently sponsoring 60 students to study at various private nursing colleges as their enrollments were made prior to the establishment of Sunway University College’s nursing programme. As you can imagine, the hospital is really excited about this partnership as it can look to Sunway University College to produce more nurses to meet the demands and needs of the growing hospital.

“We are also in the midst of discussion with Sunway University College to provide post basic nursing programmes in the future. Currently we are dependent on the Ministry Of Heath to provide the post basic programmes and therefore there are only a limited number of nurses that are qualified to work each year” said Ms. Ch’ng Lin Ling, Chief Operating Officer of Sunway Medical Centre.

“We sincerely hope that the Ministry of Health will allow private institutions to run the programme as it trains the nurses to manage the critical and specialised areas, of which there is an urgent need for skilled nurses” she added.

Despite the shortage of nurses in the country and the international community, Sunway University College assures the integrity and quality of nurses produced by them. The entry requirements set for the programme by the University are stringent and additional criteria have also been set by Sunway Medical Centre to be eligible for the sponsorship, which is for prospective students to have a minimum of a credit in biology.

The interaction between the academic staff of the programme and key nursing staff of the hospital will also help to maintain high standards that will indirectly benefit the students.

This is the first and only allied health programme offered at Sunway University College and is the beginning of a new direction for the University College as it hopes to collaborate in future with Sunway Medical Centre in offering programmes in radiology, pharmacy, physiotherapy and speech therapy that will further compliment the medical programmes offered by Monash University, Sunway Campus.

At present Lancaster University validates the Sunway University College honours degrees and it enjoys a strong working partnership in the areas of pedagogy, curriculum design and setting of exam questions.

Sunway University College students also enjoy state-of-the-art facilities which include modern science labs, ISO certified Sunway University and Sunway College KL Library and mock wards. It also has many extra-curricular activities to enhance the university college experience.

Professor Jarlath Ronayne, Vice Chancellor of Sunway University College said, “Sunway University College’s nursing course will be small and limited to 30 per intake, allowing closer student-lecturer contact and more guidance for students in their studies. I am glad to say that the programme has been approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and that the first intake will be in July 2008.”

A career in nursing today offers a breadth of opportunities in education, clinical practice, industry, research and management. It has become more dynamic, moving forward in tandem with other professions.

“Nursing is a rewarding career. The motto of the Nursing Department will be ‘Caring, Knowledgeable and with Integrity”. Nurses must be caring if they are to progress in their careers.” he added.

Upon completing the final exams with Sunway University College, students will be eligible to sit for the Malaysian Nursing Board Registration Examination. Upon passing of this, the students qualify as registered nurses or staff nurses. After this they may specialise or pursue further studies to graduate and post-graduate levels.

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