Why Study Here?

School of Mathematical Sciences


International Recognition by Professional Actuarial Bodies

Our programme in actuarial studies is recognised by international Professional Actuarial Bodies — the Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society, USA; Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK; and Institute of Actuaries of Australia, Australia.


Accelerated Admission into the Associateship of the Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII)

Our programme offers accelerated admission into the Associateship of the Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII) for students who are considering a professional qualification in the insurance industry. Our students are eligible to be exempted from up to 11 of the 14 AMII modules and have the opportunity to complete the remaining AMII modules within the duration of the programme.


Preparatory Workshops, Seminars and Training

We further guide our students in their Society of Actuaries (SOA) examinations by providing Professional Exams Preparatory Workshops, where students will have exclusive access to Online Exam Preparation Courses that include video instructions, recommended homework assignments and quizzes.

We also provide Actuarial Practice Seminars and Soft Skill Training to ensure our students will be industry-ready once they have graduated. These are conducted by our highly qualified in-house consulting actuaries who understand the needs of the industry. 



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