Past Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series

The Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series (JCDSS) at Sunway University seeks to give the community and the public an opportunity to listen to outstanding experts speak on a variety of issues, providing a platform for intellectual discourse and lifelong learning.

This is one of the many activities which Sunway University has embarked on to further boost its Social Responsibility efforts in education. All public lectures under the Series are free and open to the public. All are invited.


Past Lectures

16 Jan

Computer Simulation Of Materials In Extreme Environments

Modern experimental techniques are allowing for the synthesis and characterisation   of   ever   more   elaborate   structures under an enormous range of conditions such as high temperature, pressure, rapid cooling, surface deposited and confinement.

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01 Sep

Cognitive Neuroscience: Over-Hyped or the Real Deal?

In this 21st century, there has been a dramatic increase in research on cognitive neuroscience. Most early research was based on oversimplified ideas and lacked any theoretical content.

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28 Oct

The Construction and Rectification of Contracts

by Prof. Michael Philip Furmston
Professor, Department of Law

Sunway University Business School

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08 Oct

Bridging The Great Divide: How Social Mobility Can Be A Reality

by Rt. Hon. Alan Milburn
Lancaster University, UK

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