Past Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series

The Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series (JCDSS) at Sunway University seeks to give the community and the public an opportunity to listen to outstanding experts speak on a variety of issues, providing a platform for intellectual discourse and lifelong learning.

This is one of the many activities which Sunway University has embarked on to further boost its Social Responsibility efforts in education. All public lectures under the Series are free and open to the public. All are invited.


Past Lectures

14 May

Social Impact Investing: Fighting Poverty through Enterprise

Over the last decade a new breed of venture capitalism has emerged: social impact investors who invest in sustainable and scalable enterprises among the poor.

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01 May

US-China Relations And The Future Of The Korean Peninsula: Challenges And Prospects

Escalating security tension on the Korean Peninsula has generated an unlikely new strategic partnership between US and China to pressure North Korea to renounce its nuclear development plans.

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01 Apr

Composing Music From The Inside-Out And A Bit Of History Along The Way

Professor John Chowning is a pioneer in the field of electronic music who discovered the frequency modulation synthesis (FM) algorithm in 1967. He was dubbed the father of digital synthesizer, inventor and composer, forever altering the face of modern music.

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01 Apr

Universities And Their Role In An Era Of Global Challenges

Universities today are expected to meet many – and often conflicting – demands: to be sources of skilled labour, creators of expertise, incubators of businesses, engines for economic growth.

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