School of Healthcare and Medical Sciences


The School of Healthcare and Medical Sciences offers education that focuses on the healthcare development of the country. We provide platforms that enhance and enrich the healthcare standards, practice and development in the South East Asia region through training, programmes and clinical research. With a team of dedicated academics and practitioners, our students will experience a positive learning environment that emphasises both knowledge and practical skills in their programme.

The goals of the School include the following:

  1. To establish excellent healthcare education and training within Sunway University for the benefit of Sunway Group’s healthcare services
  2. To establish translational clinical research in support of Sunway Medical Centre and additional hospitals in Sunway Group
  3. To develop internationally recognised healthcare ideas, programmes and clinical research that contribute to the enhancement of healthcare standards
  4. To improve the healthcare standards and skills through collaboration and cooperation within industry and academicians
  5. To provide open platforms for healthcare development and clinical research
  6. To improve the quality of healthcare services with the development of new research topics for service enhancement
  7. To expand the network within the Sunway Group and its community


The School comprises three Academic Departments and one Research Centre:

  1. Department of Allied Healthcare
  2. Department of Medical Sciences
  3. Department of Nursing
  4. Centre for Biomedical Physics



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