Digital Cities

The world is becoming increasingly connected, and Malaysia is one of the most connected places in the world. But how do we harness the power of the digital world to make our lives better, to increase our sustainability, and to improve our efficiency. And at the same time, how will we integrate the digital and the physical worlds; combat growing social isolation. These are just some of the challenges and opportunities digital cities. Under this theme we shall be exploring new ways of exploiting technology in the cities of tomorrow, but at the same time seeking to understand their possible social impact.

Engage with Us

We are currently actively seeking academic, post-doctoral researchers and PhD students to join us. PhD students may be registered on joint Lancaster-Sunway PhD programmes and to spend part of their programme in both the UK and Malaysia. We are also seeking industry collaborators in the fight, so please contact us if you are interested in joining us. 

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Our Team

Associate Dean & Head
Department of Computing and Information Systems
Research Interests: Ubiquitious computing | Sustainable smart city | Context-awareness | Applied machine learning
Associate Professor
Department of Computing and Information Systems
Research Interests: Sensor technology, assistive technology for blinds | Odour, sensors & distributed haptic applications | Customized robotic, AR & VR applications | Odour sensing and tracing using drone technology | IoT and remote monitoring system
Professor & Director of Energy Lancaster
Department of Chemistry
Research Interests: | microscopic fundamentals behind the macroscopic performance of electrochemical cells
Department: Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts
Research Interests: | Urban Design, Visualisation, Infrastructure, Post-industrial Landscapes, Prototyping


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