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Data Science Degree for 21st-Century Careers

  • Associate Professor Dr Angela Lee

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) is an age in which new disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and three-dimensional (3D) printing, are altering the way we live, work, learn, and communicate.

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Education with Values

  • Professor Matthew Sansom

I have been working at Sunway University for over three years. I came to help build pro¬vision in the arts, specifically, as head of a department with courses in film, music and theatre.

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Racism and Lessons from George Floyd

  • Dr Nur Ain Shahrier

Something more sinister than COVID-19 is hiding unnoticed. For the past five months, the world has witnessed and experienced in awe and fear the unfolding of COVID-19 from one epicentre to another—from Asia to Europe to North America and now South America.

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The Good Impacts of COVID-19

  • Suhaini Ibrahim

At the time of writing, according to Worldometers, Malaysia had recorded close to 425,000 COVID-19 cases, out of which 91.8% had recovered, and at a considerably low 0.4% death rate.

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Housing Affordability A Concern for M40 and B40 Groups

  • Dr Hassanudin Mohd Thas Thaker

Residential property prices in Malaysia have been rising in recent years. A report published by the National Property Information Centre (NAPIC) indicated that the residential price index was at an all-time high in 2017 and is expected to continue to rise.

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Sustainability in the Age of Disruption

  • Dr Hendry Ng

In a recent interview, James Manyika from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) asked Thomas L Friedman, the New York Times journalist and writer, about climate change.

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The Value of Universities

  • Professor Peter Heard

We often hear the expression that something is “purely academic”, which is usually taken to mean that, while it might be of interest (to someone, at least!), it is of little or no practical import or relevance to the real world.

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Preparing for Advanced AI, Safely

  • Professor Graeme Wilkinson

Recent progress in advanced information technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are all very exciting and point to a new world in which life and work should become easier in the future.

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Ways to Improve Innovation Success Rates in Universities

  • Karen Lau

March 12, 2019 marked my first anniversary of working at a university. Firmly planted in a “grow fast or die slow” commercial world, I had never considered a university as a possible workplace.

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Let's Make Learning Enjoyable

  • Dr Izian Idris

It is important to make classroom a lively and comfortable place to study. It is a challenge for any academic to create an interest in learning among students because not all subjects can engage everyone.

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