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Crafting Our Interiors

  • Arief Afandi

It is not by accident that young architects and interior designers today are vastly addressing issues of sustainable living and construction in their work. Combining vernacular techniques with contemporary design technologies, they have given the term sustainability a whole new meaning. This is done through meticulous integration of local skills and materials, experimental designs and seeking more regional narratives, to name a few. 

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Re-imagining Borneo in the Digital Revolution

  • Dr. Goh Chun Seng

The digital revolution, also called Industrial Revolution 4.0, has become a major policy focus in developing countries to ensure the nations survive and evolve in the face of disruptive changes in the global economy.

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The NCA’s Important Lessons

  • Dr. Goh Chun Seng

The Paris Climate Agreement has driven countries scrambling to reduce and offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Revitalising Key Sectors

  • Professor Mahendhiran Sanggaran Nair

The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone, and even more so for businesses in Malaysia with the stop-start movement control orders over the last 16 months and a half.

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What Next for Sabah, Sarawak Post-Covid?

  • Dr Goh Chun Sheng

Sabah has taken steps to ensure its palm oil is produced to global standards.

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Sunway University Leads Regional Efforts in Recognising and Solving Climate Change

  • Professor Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua

Climate change is a real threat to life on Earth and carbon dioxide (CO2) is recognised as the major contributor. 

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Pursuing Professional Career Development to Address Technological Challenges of Tomorrow

  • Professor Serge Demidenko & Professor Lau Sian Lun

Sunway University has embarked on developing and introducing its new undergraduate and postgraduate engineering offerings.

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Sunway University Signs Collaborative Agreement with the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine (MSGM)

  • Professor Alvin Ng Lai Oon

This article covers the signing of the collaborative agreement between Sunway University and the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine (MSGM), which is a significant milestone in the medical advancement for elderly health care in Malaysia. This collaboration between the two entities has resulted in the Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Care for the Elderly (PGDPCE), to address health issues in an increasingly ageing population in the country.

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Sunway University’s Actuarial Studies Programme Receives the Highest 5 Stars Rating from QS Stars

  • Professor Ho Chee Kit

The BSc (Hons) Actuarial Studies programme, offered by the School of Mathematical Sciences, has achieved the highest QS 5 Stars rating under the programme strength category. This category identifies an institution’s specialist programme by looking at its competitiveness and strength in all areas from student applications right through to the graduate employment rate.

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Virtual Reality as an Innovative Marketing Approach in Hospitality Services

  • Dr Maggie Leong Mei Kei

This article highlights how virtual reality could be used to improve tourist and customer engagement and experience. Virtual reality presents the opportunity to be embedded in various aspects of the hospitality industry including airlines, hotel booking, hotel accommodations, and food and beverage services. Customer satisfaction is, after all the utmost priority in hospitality marketing.

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