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Resetting The Accountancy Profession In Malaysia

  • Professor Susela Devi K Suppiah

There is general acknowledgement that the accountancy profession, if appropriately structured, supported and regulated, contributes significantly to a sound, sustainable and growing economy. The accountancy profession is poised to play an instrumental role in nation building.

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Customer Experience

  • Dr Hendry Ng

Every successful business is a customer experience business. Businesses that are customer-inadequate are bound to be disrupted by businesses that have adapted to today’s customer-centric marketplace. Customer centricity is the idea that organisations should get close to their customers.

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It is Time for Business Schools to Practise What They Preach

  • Professor Steve Williams

The world of higher education is changing. Several trends are emerging and converging that will have an impact on the future of business education.

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Inclusive Business: How Do We Build It?

  • Professor Yuka Fujimoto

Research has increasingly highlighted the importance of business and society working together in reducing the growing income disparities across the world.

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Using UACI In Dealing With Your Personality Preferences

  • Dr Ooi Pei Boon

A team may comprise of more than one personality. Dealing with various personalities to obtain job optimisation can be challenging.

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Combating Fake News — A Need For Media Literacy

  • Dr Pauline Leong

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), news means information that has been verified in the public interest. Any information that does not meet this standard is not news.

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Digital Readiness

  • Dr Hendry Ng

The digital economy offers unprecedented opportunities. Governments, businesses and industries all across the globe are aware of the scale and impact of the digital economy on the gross domestic product (GDP).

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The Post-Digital

  • Professor Harold Thwaites

In 1995, Nicolas Negroponte, founder of the MIT Media Lab, wrote a book called “Being Digital”. It was an overwhelming success translated into more than 40 languages.

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New Technology Means New Opportunities, But Only for Those with Prepared Minds

  • Professor Hew Gill

Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution real? How will it affect us? Can we prepare for it? These are big questions that most of us know are out there, but surprisingly few people are discussing.

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Increasingly Graduates Must Create Their Own Jobs: Relevant Universities

  • Professor Graeme Wilkinson

The number of young people entering tertiary education is growing worldwide. In Malaysia, the participation rate in tertiary education is steadily increasing and, according to the national “Blueprint for Higher Education”, will rise from 36% in 2012 to 53% by 2025.

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