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Engaging a Large Group – A Personal Experience

  • Caroline Yap Yu Li

As my face-to-face lectures involved around 400 students, I sometimes envisioned myself as the Asian version of Ellen DeGeneres when I used the microphone.

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Digitalising Teaching and Learning in the Mathematical Sciences

  • Norshalina Basar

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to drastic changes in all sectors including higher education. The traditional system of teaching and learning has been greatly challenged which has necessitated immediate changes to education delivery across the world.

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Critiquing Creativity, Creatively

  • Maslisa Zainuddin

When faced with a challenge, designers tend to rise above with creative solutions that suit their needs. Migrating to teaching and learning fully online, due to the pandemic has been a great challenge for everyone.

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Teaching Online During Pandemic

  • Associate Professor Teh Phoey Lee

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching has shifted from the traditional face-to-face in-class interaction to being completely online where the interaction was done through the various software platforms. The author shares some of the platforms she has tried and tested.

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Changing the Learning Landscape, One Module at a Time

  • Maslisa Zainuddin

Four years ago, Maslisa joined the Department of Art, Design and Media at Sunway University as a Lecturer, and now serves as a programme leader for the BA (Hons) Design Communication Programme.

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Online Teaching, One Year On: Overarching Considerations

  • Associate Professor Dr Andrew Brian Filmer

As we now traverse a second year of online teaching and learning, we can look on both technological and pedagogical developments from extended adventures in the digital realm.

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Teaching What Employers Want

  • Vijaya Malar Arumugam, Belinda Fong and Karen Lui

Employability is a catchphrase that echoes around the halls of all institutions of higher learning.

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Industrialising Education 4.0

  • Dr Malissa Mahmud

Digitalisation is transforming the values and domains of existing industries. Technological advances as driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) are evolving at an incredibly fast rate, revamping the way we live, work and function as a society.

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What is Cultural Intelligence and How Do We Build It?

  • Prof Michael M Dent

The pace of change is accelerating, or so everyone tells us. On a daily basis, things may seem much the same but big changes are constantly taking place unnoticed. One such change is the rising globalisation of tertiary education.

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