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Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment: Learn, Care, Challenge and Share

  • Dr Ann-Marie Houghton

I recently came across the four values for a Special School in the UK: learn, care, challenge and share. 

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In Class Research: the Ethical Considerations

  • Associate Professor Dr Kenneth Alan Feinstein

In undertaking research on teaching and classroom practices, there may be different or additional considerations. 

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Power the Point: Classroom Presentations in Focus

  • Associate Professor Dr Andrew Brian Filmer

Over the past four years, the author has been on a mission to help make classrooms more effective with better presentations, much like an eco-warrior out to reduce text emissions. 

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The School of Mathematical Sciences' Approach to Producing Quality Graduates

  • Dr Jane Teh Kimm Lii

The School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) endeavours to produce high quality graduates who excel academically with added extra-curricular achievements, who will be at the forefront in meeting the rising needs for actuarial, mathematical and statistical expertise globally.

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The Great Reset in Hospitality Management Education: Identifying the Implications and Opportunities

  • Professor Marcus Stephenson, Professor Peter Heard

Recovering economies across the world will be driving countries forward in the post-pandemic era. COVID-19 surely has brought a lot of decline in revenue for the tourism industry. Picking up from where they left off might not be the best option forward but perhaps the new normal and way of life could provide an opportunity for this industry to start again and rethink businesses with high impact initiatives and efforts.

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Gaming and Learning: Facilitating Play in Digital Environments

  • Dr Dusan Petkovic

Play and playfulness in informal spaces are closely connected to learning and knowledge internalisation. As educators are increasing their digital literacy in these extraordinary times, the notion of virtual informal spaces and digital play should be further explored to fully understand students’ experience in learning, knowledge intake and utilisation.

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The Paradox of Teaching Practical Skills Online: Finding Ways Forward

  • Associate Professor Dr Daniel Chong Ka Leong

In this day and age, online learning has become inevitable. While theoretical-based modules can be shifted online swiftly, the same, however, cannot be said for practical-based modules. This article highlights some of the success factors for teaching practical skills online.

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Teaching for Tomorrow

  • Professor Matthew James Sansom

The changes have been rapid and impactful, affecting employment rates, increasing workloads and levels of stress (across family and social contexts as well as work), as well as many other challenges to well-being.

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Online Supervision and Mentoring: Important Considerations

  • Professor Don Passey

Educators have found it challenging to engage with students since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. While some have successfully incorporated new platforms and digital applications, many are still learning them as they go along. Explore how such platforms can be more effectively used and adopted in online supervision and mentoring.

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Making Take-Home Assessment Work

  • Dr Simran Kaur Nvinderjit Singh

The curriculum, the teaching and learning activities would have been planned by lecturers prior to the assessment to ensure that assessment types and strategies would be appropriate to assess students’ achievements of the learning outcomes.

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