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Should University Students be Encouraged to Work?

  • Associate Professor Dr Gan Joo Ee

University students with part-time employment are not uncommon although it is often associated with financial necessity or lifestyle choices. There are often concerns that part-time work could lead to a decline in academic performance. However, work can also enhance character-building and other important skills. This article calls for a change in mindset about perceptions of working students. 

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Pre-Reading: Increasing Students’ Absorption and Understanding Lectures During Classes

  • Yeap Boon Han

Putting away the handphones, laptops and all other digital distractions, and one might be puzzled that following any lectures, one may only understand or absorb perhaps 30% of the information delivered by the lecturer. 

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How Adobe Illustrator Could be Taught Online

  • Lyon Laxman

Ever since the pandemic hit, teaching has been forced to go online. It has been challenging but somehow with the advancement in technology, the use of ZOOM as a teaching tool has made it easier for students to learn Adobe Illustrator online. 

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Sustainable Engineering Design

  • Ir. Dr. Matthew Teow Yok Wooi

Engineering professionals design the world and innovate to create our future. 

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Critiquing Creativity, Creatively

  • Maslisa Zainuddin

Educators face many challenges when trying to keep online learning engaging, motivating, and mutually beneficial.

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Benefits of Immediacy in Communication for First-Year Undergraduate Students 

  • Dr Ling Mee Hong

This article shares the teaching practices on immediacy and explores ways in which immediacy can be applied for improvement in the areas of student cognition, motivation, and performance.

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Shepherding Through Online Learning

  • Priyadharshini Ahrumugam

Most times when it involves online teaching and learning, the emphasis tends to lie on online learning tools and applications in forging student engagement. In this article, a few simple ways are shared to encourage student engagement in online learning, particularly through communicating from a social and emotional approach.

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Producing Employment-Ready Actuarial Graduates

  • Ch’ng Sok Heang

The Actuarial Practice Course (APC), conducted by the school’s consultant actuary, is offered exclusively to students enrolled in the BSc (Hons) in Actuarial Studies programme. APC provides students with hands-on assignments that better prepare them to be employment-ready.

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Web Design & Development: HTML, CSS… and the Bento Box??

  • Kevin Chan Leong Kit

Drawing parallels between the bento box and websites, Kevin Chan introduces a less intimidating way to understand the basics of web design and development.

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