Discipline Area: Performing Arts

Power the Point: Classroom Presentations in Focus

  • Associate Professor Dr Andrew Brian Filmer

Over the past four years, the author has been on a mission to help make classrooms more effective with better presentations, much like an eco-warrior out to reduce text emissions. 

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Gaming and Learning: Facilitating Play in Digital Environments

  • Dr Dusan Petkovic

Play and playfulness in informal spaces are closely connected to learning and knowledge internalisation. As educators are increasing their digital literacy in these extraordinary times, the notion of virtual informal spaces and digital play should be further explored to fully understand students’ experience in learning, knowledge intake and utilisation.

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Striking the Iron while Its Hot: Theatre Education at Tertiary Level

  • Kelvin Wong Kee Wai

Malaysian theatre has changed tremendously over the past few decades. This is widely attributed to better and higher quality productions as well as more contemporary performances from audiences across the country. There is a constant call for a more uniform and formal education programme in this sector. With audiences becoming more informed and vocal coupled with the advancements in teaching and learning, more emphasis on tertiary education in theatre could well answer these calls.

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KL Sing Song: Alternative Voices in the Kuala Lumpur Singer Songwriter Circuit (2000–2009)

  • Mohd Azmyl Md Yusof @ Azmyl Yunor

This paper charts the emergence of the Kuala Lumpur (KL) singer-songwriter circuit through the annual singer-songwriter showcase, KL Sing Song. The showcase, which ended its run in its sixth instalment (from 2005 to 2009) serves as a case study for the fostering of communal spirit amongst independent arts practitioners. 

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Dominic Seow Jia Hoong: Inspiring the Local Musician

An alumni from the Contemporary Music (Audio Technology) programme, Dominic Seow Jia Hoong recalls fond memories of forming a band with like-minded classmates and pursuing music professionally with the help of the knowledge and experience gained as a Sunway student. 

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Performing Musicology: Carving a Place for Research-Creation in Western Classical Music

  • Associate Professor Dr Andrew Brian Filmer

The area of research-creation in Western classical music needs one, and I propose it be called “performing musicology”.

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Sarah Ong Wen Qi : Taking Valuable Experiences “On the Air”

Sarah Ong Wen Qi is a pioneer of the Contemporary Music (Audio Technology) programme from Sunway University’s School of Arts. After graduating in 2019, she took on the role as a Radio Production Engineer for Astro Radio.

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Flipping Out: Using Flipped Learning in the Music Classroom

  • Professor George J Hess, Jr D.A

One reason that the author’s online classes went well this past year was that the classes were flipped. A lot of materials for the students were already online.

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Digital Film Production Students Win Laurel Leaves at Virtual International Film Festivals

  • Dr Adrian Lee Yuen Beng

During the Movement Control Order in 2020, film students and lecturers at the Department of Film and Performing Arts found themselves at the crossroads. As gathering in groups was strictly prohibited, and filmmaking not allowed, a pivot was needed.

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There’s No Such Thing as an Impulsive Artist

  • Associate Professor Leow Puay Tin

‘Research’ is a word that doesn’t seem pertinent to the arts. Many people assume the arts to be wholly inspired and created through the artist’s natural or divinely-given talent and passion or genius and impulse. But this is never the whole picture.

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