Discipline Area: Environmental Science

Cleaning Up Horse Dung: Innovation Beyond Technology

  • Dr Goh Chun Sheng

The Times in 1894 predicted that ‘in 50 years, every street in London will be buried under nine feet of manure’.

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Why We Need A Pandemic Treaty Built For Accountability & Financial Assistance To Countries That Need It

The story begins with a caption that sparked conversations that may have potentially led to controversies. 

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What’s Your Wish for 2022? How About a Better Planet?

While humanity’s challenges are well-documented, the solutions sometimes feel like they are shrouded in mystery.

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Saving the Planet From CO2 and Plastic Pollution

  • Dr Farihahusnah Hussin

Carbon dioxide emissions and plastic pollution are two of the most pressing environmental issues posing risks to humanity and life on earth.

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The NCA’s Important Lessons

  • Dr. Goh Chun Seng

The Paris Climate Agreement has driven countries scrambling to reduce and offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Climate and Environmental Governance: Building Cooler Cities for a Cooler Future

We have only 10 years left! The intergovernmental panel on climate change predicts this is the amount of time we have left to implement change before a global temperature rise of 1.5°C becomes irreversible.

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MSc Biological Sciences Graduate Wins Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Award!

Tee Thye Lim, who recently graduated with a Master of Science in Biological Sciences was conferred the Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Award. This award includes prize money of MYR2,000 and a certificate signed by the award’s namesake himself.

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Award-Winning Research from Sunway University Provides Access to Clean Water in Remote Areas

  • Katherine Kee

The IChemE Water category award recognizes the best project or process to demonstrate engineering excellence in water use, clean-up, and re-use, with particular emphasis on reducing environmental impact while preserving commercial viability.

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Tackling the Challenges of Global Urbanisation

  • Professor Peter Heard

Most cities are growing rapidly and by 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population—about 6.5 billion people—are expected to live in urban centres. This rapid growth is particularly acute in developing countries in Africa and Asia.

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Alumni - Conserving the Environment

Let me start by saying that I am really into bad jokes and puns. In order to counter that, I am very passionate about the environment. I am keen on finding and learning pragmatic approaches towards tackling the environmental issues in Malaysia.


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