Discipline Area: Environmental Science

The NCA’s Important Lessons

  • Dr. Goh Chun Seng

The Paris Climate Agreement has driven countries scrambling to reduce and offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Climate and Environmental Governance: Building Cooler Cities for a Cooler Future

We have only 10 years left! The intergovernmental panel on climate change predicts this is the amount of time we have left to implement change before a global temperature rise of 1.5°C becomes irreversible.

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MSc Biological Sciences Graduate Wins Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Award!

Tee Thye Lim, who recently graduated with a Master of Science in Biological Sciences was conferred the Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Award. This award includes prize money of MYR2,000 and a certificate signed by the award’s namesake himself.

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Award-Winning Research from Sunway University Provides Access to Clean Water in Remote Areas

  • Katherine Kee

The IChemE Water category award recognizes the best project or process to demonstrate engineering excellence in water use, clean-up, and re-use, with particular emphasis on reducing environmental impact while preserving commercial viability.

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Tackling the Challenges of Global Urbanisation

  • Professor Peter Heard

Most cities are growing rapidly and by 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population—about 6.5 billion people—are expected to live in urban centres. This rapid growth is particularly acute in developing countries in Africa and Asia.

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Alumni - Conserving the Environment

Let me start by saying that I am really into bad jokes and puns. In order to counter that, I am very passionate about the environment. I am keen on finding and learning pragmatic approaches towards tackling the environmental issues in Malaysia.


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Microplastics in Sea Salt

The increase in news reports of marine wildlife being washing up dead on shores due to complications from ingesting plastic, brings to light the severity of plastic consumption, disposal of plastic and garbage, and pollution of our waterways and oceans.

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World Changers: The Plastic Surgeons

The plastic pollution in the world is snowballing, so is public awareness and actions taken.

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Sustainability in the Age of Disruption

  • Dr Hendry Ng

In a recent interview, James Manyika from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) asked Thomas L Friedman, the New York Times journalist and writer, about climate change.

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Ways to Improve Innovation Success Rates in Universities

  • Karen Lau

March 12, 2019 marked my first anniversary of working at a university. Firmly planted in a “grow fast or die slow” commercial world, I had never considered a university as a possible workplace.

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