Communication & Media Studies

Shepherding Through Online Learning

  • Priyadharshini Ahrumugam

Most times when it involves online teaching and learning, the emphasis tends to lie on online learning tools and applications in forging student engagement. In this article, a few simple ways are shared to encourage student engagement in online learning, particularly through communicating from a social and emotional approach.

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How and in What Ways Does Social Media Affect Everyone? It Depends....

  • Professor Bradley Freeman

Over the years, communication researchers have sought to answer the burning questions people ask about the effects of social media on everyone. Professor Bradley Freeman shares his take on this.

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Let’s Meet – Don’t Shy Away!

  • Dr Padma Pillai

Dr Padma Pillai shares how face-to-face communication encapsulates the new paradigm in a virtual setting heightening meetings and communications at the workplace.

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Meagan Tan: Achieving Growth through A Holistic Varsity Experience

BA (Hons) Communications alumna Meagan Tan revealed how her university life led her to a meaningful career that aligns with her personal goals.  

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