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Psychology Alumni, Vivian Lee now Integrated Marketing Manager at Microsoft Malaysia!

Vivian Lee is a graduate of the BSc (Hons) in Psychology Programme at the Department of Psychology which come under the School of Medical and Life Sciences, Sunway University.

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Housing Prices and Affordability in Malaysia

  • Dr Hassanudin Mohd Thas Thaker

Housing affordability has become a main concern in major cities especially those in developing countries.

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Is plastic Circular Economy the Solution

  • Professor Agamuthu Pariatamby

The management of plastic waste is a big concern. Out of the 6,300 million tonnes of plastic waste generated between 1950 and 2015, only 9% was recycled globally. The global annual generation of plastic is currently around 400 million tonnes, and 86% of this will eventually become waste.

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Alumni - Making Every Opportunity Count

Sunway University Business School (SUBS) undoubtedly fostered my curiosity for pursuing a career in digital marketing. My primary course, Business Management, was a good mix of the “Thought + Research” model that provided me with a holistic view of business.

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Sunway University Students Exhilarated with Performance in HSBC Business Case Competition 2020

The Sunway University team emerged 3rd runner-up at the regional challenge of the HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition 2020 – Online Edition. Silas Roberts led the team of four with group members Nikolas Adiprasetya, Bernice Chia Shi Le and Darryl Lim Boon Toong.

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Building Our Bridge in Diversity

  • Professor Yuka Fujimoto

Professor Yuka Fujimoto lived in Japan until she was 12, and then continued her schooling in Malaysia. By age 16, she moved to Australia and found herself as one of the few Asian students in her grade at a high school in the countryside of Toowoomba.

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