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How Do We Become Great Communicators?

  • Dr Norizzati Azudin

Two decades in academia, one of which was spent living abroad. How does that make someone a great communicator?

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Critiquing Creativity, Creatively

  • Maslisa Zainuddin

Educators face many challenges when trying to keep online learning engaging, motivating, and mutually beneficial.

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Web Design & Development: HTML, CSS… and the Bento Box??

  • Kevin Chan Leong Kit

Drawing parallels between the bento box and websites, Kevin Chan introduces a less intimidating way to understand the basics of web design and development.

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How can Design and Designers Help Improve Malaysian Society?

  • Dr Goh Yi Sheng

It is a common misconception that design is mainly trying to make things look ‘pretty’. Dr Goh Yi Sheng talks about how design is more than that and cites a project that can be an example of how design can change society for the better.

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Six Workable Strategies to Winning Design Competitions

  • Wincen Foong Hock Kuen

Wincen Foong, a Teaching Fellow at the Sunway University Department of Art, Design & Media, provides six essential strategies for winning design competitions including the importance of following competition rules and regulations, understanding competition briefs, and researching the judges and their judging criteria.

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Elyssa Tan Mei Qenn: Pursuing Passion and Progress

After weighing career opportunities in various industries, the curiosity and challenge to take her drawing skills and interest as far as she could led BA (Hons) Design Communication alumna Elyssa Tan Mei Qenn to the Sunway University School of Arts. 

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Culture, Connection and Communication in the Digital Era: The Case of a Photograph Inspired by an Ancient Poem

  • Vijaya Sooria Sangaran Kutty

The story begins with a caption that sparked conversations that may have potentially led to controversies. 

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What Does It Take to Be a Great Communicator?

  • Dr Norizzati Azudin

Two decades in academia, one of which was spent living abroad. Does that make someone a great communicator?

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Using Experience in Teaching Design Enterprise

  • Mohd Firdaus bin Mohd Anuar

In confronting continual upheavals caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the author, as the lecturer for the BDC2614 Design Enterprise module planned a series of lessons that integrate experiences from industry guest speakers and collaborative online learning experience.

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Biomimicry Furniture Design in 10 Minutes

  • Dr Nicole Fu Chew Xiang

Inspiration can be found in plants, animals, oceans, and land. Biomimicry can be used as a design method, for what nature has to offer. The instruction of nature such as tree anatomy and branches, the spotted pattern on a leopard, the repetition of waves, and the colour palette in autumn contribute significantly to the development of furniture design.

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