Discipline Area: Art & Design

In Class Research: the Ethical Considerations

  • Associate Professor Dr Kenneth Alan Feinstein

In undertaking research on teaching and classroom practices, there may be different or additional considerations. 

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A Changing Education Imperative - Learning Furniture Design Online

  • Dr Nicole Fu Chew Xiang

The emerging transition from face-to-face to online learning in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic has not hindered the goal of learning. Instead, alternatives have been sought to allow students, especially disadvantaged students, to realize e-learning more effectively.

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Ways to Safeguard Our Cultural Heritage

  • Dr Fiona Wong E Chiong

A designer turned educator shares three things that could potentially safeguard our cultural heritage.

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Chronogram: Spatial Design and Decorative Visuals of a Cultural Space

  • Bibi Zafirah Hanfa Badil Zaman

The importance of cultural influence in a design space.

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Krystabel Kok Su Lyn: Designing her own student experience

Alumna Krystabel Kok Su Lyn, a talented UI and character designer for Japanese education start-up, TOY EIGHT, shares how she designed her fascinating journey as a student.

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Pursuing the Spirit of Excellence in Graphic Design

Kee Kher Wei, an alumna from Sunway University’s BA (Hons) in Design Communication programme has always had a passion for design. A graduate from the August 2020 class, she has been building up her portfolio and has established herself as a freelance graphic designer.

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Critiquing Creativity, Creatively

  • Maslisa Zainuddin

When faced with a challenge, designers tend to rise above with creative solutions that suit their needs. Migrating to teaching and learning fully online, due to the pandemic has been a great challenge for everyone.

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Producing Industry-Ready Designers-to-be

  • Dr Perline Siek Hwee Ling

The purpose of designing is to build a harmonious artistic socialist society based on humanism with innovation. This can be achieved by establishing collaboration and in exploring opportunities to develop and support art and design in the fields that will be beneficial to the nation.

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How Does Product Aesthetics Impact Consumer Response?

  • Dr Goh Yi Sheng

Success stories in the market show the importance of design for increasing sales. One of the best examples of this is Apple.

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Sunway’s X Factor in Winning Competitions

Sunway University students swept the awards at the Hanzi-Bank of China Ang Pow Design Competition 2020. Four Sunway students beat more than 200 entries from students across the country to take home the top prizes.

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