Alumni - Conserving the Environment

Charina Pria Sivayogam

Let me start by saying that I am really into bad jokes and puns. In order to counter that, I am very passionate about the environment. I am keen on finding and learning pragmatic approaches towards tackling the environmental issues in Malaysia.


I have fond memories during my time as a student at Sunway University. My Sunway journey truly started when I joined Book Lovers United (BLU). There were book discussions where the floor was open for debates, criticisms and feedback. I became a regular attendee, it was largely thanks to the friendly company who were like family to me. I eventually served as the President as well! Another great aspect of BLU is that I got the chance to meet other students because we were encouraged to attend social events. It was always a great fun to build relationships from the ground up. This was special to me because a lot of these events were cultural and somewhat personal. I had the opportunity to meet with people from different states and countries, listen to their stories and experience diversity in this small bubble that I was in. Through my involvement in clubs and societies and empathetic lecturers, I have honestly learnt how to be more human. From dealing with myriad funny characters and hurdles, Sunway not only gave me the educational passport but also the grounds to explore, polish my emotional capacity and to reflect on values that were important to hold on to. It made me realise that one’s emotional quotient is just as important as intelligence and it is a useful skill to harbour as one traverses through employment, and more importantly, in life.


I also spent a lot of my time beyond the campus by volunteering for Raleigh Kuala Lumpur, a local NGO that supports and facilitates young Malaysians to embark on Raleigh expeditions internationally and locally to work on community and environmental-related projects which are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. I organised events to encourage young Malaysians to participate in these expeditions as well as coordinating mini community and environmentrelated projects around Peninsular Malaysia.


This article appeared in Blaze (Issue 49).