All of us are now living through a time of great uncertainty in the world which is unprecedented in our life times as nations wage a war not against each other but against a deadly virus, which is a threat not only to health but also to economies and livelihoods. At Sunway University we are proud to be in a country that has done extremely well by global standards in combatting the pandemic and in keeping cases of infection to a low level, and we are also playing our own part in helping to fight the battle.

We are continuing to offer quality education and student support online even during periods of “movement control orders” and have invested heavily over a number of years, as well as during 2020, in the online infrastructure for effective learning “any time anywhere” including an extensive digital library. Our aim is always to ensure that our students can progress with their studies in a timely manner.

Our scientists in our Centre for Virus and Vaccine Research have been contributing directly to the global search for a vaccine using novel methods to design peptides that can stick on the virus and stop it from attaching to human cells. Our Department of Biological Sciences has produced our very own branded hand sanitizer used around campus. Student volunteers have contributed to manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) in our Innovation Labs Makerspace. We have also had our very own branded face masks designed by Zang Toi, one of Malaysia’s leading fashion designers based in New York. Who says anti-virus face masks have to be boring?

These are some of the ways we continue to deliver our mission, stay positive, and support the global fight against the pandemic.





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