Teaching and Learning During 2023

In recognition of the importance of face-to-face human interactions in promoting our students’ holistic development and academic progress, all teaching and learning in 2023 will involve face-to-face classes on campus, especially for tutorials, practical sessions, workshops, and seminars. Lectures will continue to use online learning approaches, depending on programme requirements and class sizes. Lecturers will be delivered live and recorded to support synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Students are therefore expected to attend campus and maximise the vast learning and growth opportunities available on campus. The precise arrangements for each course will be communicated to students through their respective academic schools and programme leaders. Updated standard operating procedures will continue to apply on campus to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19. All students are expected to comply with these procedures at all times.

May the coming new year bring along new hopes and opportunities. We wish everyone a very successful, safe and Happy New Year 2023.


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