Teaching and Learning During 2022

All teaching and learning in 2022 will involve face-to-face classes on campus, especially for practical sessions, workshops, and seminars, but with some hybrid online learning expected especially for large lecture classes.

Students are therefore expected to attend campus and to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to do so. The precise arrangements for each course will be communicated to students by their respective academic schools and programme leaders. Standard operating procedures will apply on campus to reduce the risk of spread of Covid-19 and all students are expected to comply with the procedures in force at all times. Students who are unable to attend campus for special reasons, such as being unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons, may apply for exemption from face-to-face classes and will be able to study online. However, this is only for genuine exceptional cases for a limited time period. The University will ultimately require all students to return to campus to maximise their learning opportunities.

We would like to thank all students for their flexibility, adaptability and understanding as we strive to keep everyone’s learning on track and to keep everyone safe. We wish everyone success with their studies.


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