Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sunway University’s campus is open and students may attend for some face to face learning but strictly according to their specific timetables and following necessary health precautions.
Yes the University’s residences are open for students.
Important announcements and updates will be posted on the University's website and social media. The University will also communicate via all available platforms including e-Learn, WhatsApp, etc
Under the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) travelling abroad is not permitted.

Yes, by appointment. 
The University is taking the necessary precautions, in line with RMCO to minimize risks of the spread of the Covid-19 to the University community as a whole. Any gatherings involving external parties are postponed, until further update.



As face to face learning has recommenced this semester the fees will be at the normal level.


If you have paid this semester’s resource fees, the excess will be used to offset outstanding fees in the next semester.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to reduce the tuition fees as The University has already made considerable extra investments to enable online delivery to take place as smoothly as possible. The University has been working very hard to prepare online learning materials and has put in place considerable resources to facilitate your learning including IT infrastructure, our e-learning system, as well as our extensive digital library. Additionally, our staff are working extremely hard to prepare the online educational materials and support you will need throughout the semester.
Course fees will be fully transferred to the next semester if deferment is applied within 14 working days upon commencement of the semester. Otherwise, the course fees will be transferred to the next semester on a prorated basis.



Sunway University campus will be closed during the MCO closure period and students and staff cannot attend classes on campus or any other activities. The University residences will remain open to residents.
Yes. All teaching and learning will be conducted online. It has been decided that the entire semester from April until July will be conducted by online distance learning.
The library and teaching and learning facilities on campus will not be available. Students should not come to the campus and there will be no teaching. However, the Online Library will be available to students who wish to use it.
Residents can continue to stay in the University residences and will be given essential support services.
All teaching and learning will be conducted online only throughout the entire semester from April until July. For any queries regarding classes refer to your Programme Leaders.
Programme Leaders will communicate with students about online teaching, learning and assessment procedures. There will be some changes to assessments as it will not be possible to have exams in classrooms at the campus.
If you are not already in Malaysia you are advised not to travel. You should remain in your home country for the April to July semester and undertake your programme by online distance learning. Please refer to the International Office for further advice. Click here
Yes, you may return home if you are already in Malaysia and it is possible to travel and if you have internet access in your home country, so that you can engage in your studies from there. But at the present time we recommend you to stay in Malaysia to avoid risky travel at the present time and to study online here where you can access good wifi for your online studies this semester. You should refer to the International Office for further guidance.
You may defer until the August semester if you wish but this will delay your graduation date and is not advised. The University will teach all programmes online this semester from April to July and we advise you to keep up with your class group and undertake your programme online.
You may call our hotline numbers for each academic school which are available from Mondays - Fridays, 9 am - 5 pm here

The University understands that some students may need mental health counselling support during this unusual time. The Counselling Hotline can be contacted at: 018-3893220.
Supermarkets and grocery stores are open and the government has confirmed there are adequate food supplies. Food is readily available from most supermarkets and grocery stores though some supermarkets are adopting queueing systems to avoid crowding in shops to reduce the risk of virus infection. We advise you to take precautions such as using a face mask and hand sanitizer when shopping and washing your hands immediately afterwards. Many other items can be bought from online retailers such as Lazada who will deliver to your accommodation.
The University campus will re-open when restrictions are finally lifted by the government. But the University will only teach online this semester. The health and safety of our students will always be our top priority, so we will not expect students to come back to campus for classes in the April to July semester.
The University will abide by all government orders but is committed to providing online teaching and learning while the campus is closed and throughout the current semester.
The physical library will be closed but the Online Library will be accessible. Click Here
Attendance may be taken during online learning sessions. Please check your subject overview/subject outline or check with your individual subject lecturer for further information.
Yes, enrolment for new students for the April-July semester is on 2nd April online, though some flexibility is possible for late enrolments.
Companies may enable interns to work from home during the MCO closure period which can be considered as useful internship learning. Where this is not possible, internships that have been shortened by the MCO period will still be recognised as valid internships in the current exceptional circumstances.
For e-Learn, refer to your Programme Leader. Alternatively, you may contact your academic School using the numbers or email addresses available on this webpage under Important Contacts.



Sunway University expects all staff to engage fully with their duties each working day. For the University, we recommend that staff should work from home if they can do so effectively, but this may not be applicable to all. Staff who cannot work from home should come to work at the campus. Staff who can neither work from home nor come to the campus may be required to take annual leave. Some staff may be asked by their line managers to attend the campus rather than work at home for operational reasons, such as ensuring that school offices are staffed each day to deal with any student enquiries. All staff must complete an online health questionnaire from the HR department every week. Everyone coming to the campus must follow all health protection procedures including undergoing temperature checks on entry, wearing a face mask at all times, and adhering to strict social distancing on campus.
Yes. For the entire semester from April until July all teaching and learning will be conducted online. Training materials for staff for online teaching are available and will be accessible during the semester. They can be accessed from:


No. All classes should run according to the agreed timetable. In some cases, some subjects may need to be re-ordered and switched between semesters so that practical work is deferred if it cannot be done by online simulations. Programme Leaders and course teams should work creatively to ensure teaching, learning and assessment can be delivered effectively in the current exceptional circumstances.



Note: Obviously the situation is evolving quite rapidly, but we shall endeavor to let you know of any changes in circumstances as quickly as possible.


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