Sunway University Hosts Trident Cup 2019 to Encourage Sports, Friendship and Unity

The SUNWAY Sports team recently hosted the biennial sporting event, Trident Cup 2019.

The Trident, a powerful weapon with a three-pronged spear, represents the 3 institutions in Sunway City, consisting of Sunway University, Taylor’s University and Monash University Malaysia. With an overwhelming participation of 377 athletes, the competition was divided into two segments between students and staff.

Participants and representatives of the Trident Cup 2019 with Dr Elizabeth Lee

Participants competed in various sports, such as badminton, dodgeball, futsal, football 7 a-side, netball and table tennis. This year, the Trident Cup included various new sports such as basketball 3 a-side, basketball 5 a-side, captain ball, chess, and frisbee.

Sunway emerged as overall champions with the most titles won, by besting the other teams in dodgeball (both men and women categories), frisbee, volleyball, netball, women’s futsal, men’s 5 a-side basketball and women’s 3 a-side basketball.

Sunway was followed by Taylor’s who took home 6 titles in badminton (for both students and staff), chess, captain ball, men’s futsal and table tennis.

One of the purposes of hosting the Trident Cup was to foster stronger bonds, unity and friendships with one another. Sunway University was represented by Mok Chuang Chin, Sports Advisor from Sports Centre, Student LIFE with Zebba Chung Kuet Khiong, Assistant Manager, Student Engagement and Development from Monash University and Mohd Jafni Safwat Misnon, Senior Executive, Sports and Recreation Centre from Taylor’s University.