Sunway University and EduCare International Jointly Sponsor St Austin’s Academy Team Jersey

Sunway University and EduCare International jointly sponsored the team jersey for the St Austin’s Academy (SAA) in Nairobi, Kenya recently. SAA made it to the final of the Inter-International Schools football tournament (Under-19) which took place in the Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya (about 50 km from Nairobi).

In the group stage, SAA drew 1-1 with International School of Kenya B (ISK B) and beat Rift Valley Academy A (RVA) 2-0, Braeburn Gitanga Road School (BGR) 1-0 and St. Andrews Turi School (TURI) 1-0. In the final, RVA enjoyed home ground advantage to beat SAA 2-0 despite SAA players put up a tough fight in the 90 minutes nail-biting match. Congratulations to St Austin’s for a valiant effort.