Sunway Campus e-Waste Collection Day

An annual initiative by the Sunway Education Group since 2012, to-date we have collected 22,378kg of electronic waste which would have otherwise dump into our landfills. Year 2017 we have collected 2,186.50kg and in first quarter 2018 we have collected 1,090kg.

Staff & students of Sunway campus can conveniently dispose small e-Waste items such as spoiled mobile phones, batteries, chargers, and other electronic components via e-Waste collection bins placed at strategic locations throughout the campus; and for big house hold e-Waste items they can bring  in or “drive thru” during campus e-Waste campaign days to be collected by specially arranged disposal truck on campus.

This twice yearly event is a joint effort by IT Services, Facilities Services and Safety and Health departments, and SCC (Sunway College Councils) and supported by Student Life Department and Meriahtek, a Department of Environment (DOE) certified vendor which advocates and supports restoration of the environment in order to preserve a cleaner and greener environment.

There is quote saying “ There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” from Annie Leonard, Proponent of Sustainability.

The next e-Waste disposal collection day will be 24th January 2019.