SST Lecturer's Study Featured in International Website Mongabay

A team of researchers led by Associate Professor Gopalasamy Reuben Clements from DBS and JSC recently published a study in the journal Human Ecology. This study found that support for new road construction was split among indigenous communities (Orang Asli) living in Malaysia - this is contrary to the assumption among road developers that the public is generally receptive towards the construction of new roads.


Dr. Reuben and his team found that Orang Asli communities near an existing highway were more likely to support roads than those living in villages further away from the highway - those living far away did not want roads built to their village as they fear they would bring in unwanted visitors and diseases. The authors write that the findings lend support to the need for comprehensive social impact assessments before and during the construction of new roads, especially among Orang Asli communities.

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