SOH’s Social Responsibility Initiative: Hand-In-Hand Treasure Hunt

On 2 June 2018, it was a well-spent lesson in the value of giving, for some seventy-two very caring final semester students from the School of Hospitality representing the Diploma programmes in Hotel, Culinary Arts and Event Management.

They had worked hard to organize a ‘Hand-in-Hand Treasure Hunt’ parked under their Community Service course, to bring joy to sixty-two underprivileged children from Rumah Victory and Rumah Hope. The collaboration project was with the Great Heart Charity Association, as part of their ‘You & Me’ Educational Programme.

The project brought happiness to each of the children when they were taken to the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall for a round of treasure-hunting and playing exciting games while being helped with their Hari Raya shopping.

Each child was allocated RM105 to spend on clothes, stationery and books. Throughout the event, each student was paired-up with one child to carry out the role of ‘guardian and friend-for-the-day’. They took care of all the children’s needs, assisted them with their shopping and also played with them during the game’s session. The children, on the other hand, were given four treasure-hunt missions to complete at various shops and venues in order to provide them with a fun-filled and festive experience. They were treated with a sumptuous lunch together with the students to mark the end of the activity.

Senior Lecturer, Ms Suhaini Ibrahim said, ‘The students were able to fund-raise RM 7,228 prior to the event! Most importantly, they learnt that donating time can be just as powerful and good as donating money. This was clearly seen from the children’s facial expressions throughout the day as they bonded with the students. Great Job and Great Hearts, go out to all students involved!”