The School Of Hospitality Hosts A Research Seminar Concerning: “A Comfortable Lifestyle? Exploring Leisure Patterns In The Lives Of Educated Indian Women In Malaysia”

A PhD graduate from University Malaya, Dr. Sally Anne S Paramanathan, who represents Australian Matriculation at Sunway College, presented her research which was entitled: “A comfortable lifestyle? Exploring leisure patterns in the lives of educated Indian women in Malaysia”. Her work was presented at the 5th Research Seminar Series organised by the School of Hospitality and sponsored by The Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur. 

Her research analysed leisure patterns among a minority group of educated Indian women in Malaysia. These women live in urban nuclear households, are married with children, and are engaged in well-paid employment. Coming from a background where kin-based relationships are prioritised, these women show tendencies of disempowerment in terms of individualised leisure pursuits. These women seem unable to pursue non-work engagements in spite of urban society’s predispositions for leisure. Based on her qualitative responses of fifteen women, this research considered the possibilities of cultural schemas that keep these women from fully accessing leisure that they rightfully deserve. Their attempts at enjoying a comfortable lifestyle within definitions of leisure are also explored and acknowledged among this group of women.

Throughout this series academics, distinguished guest speakers and faculty staff members are welcome to share the latest research advances in their field and contribute to the continuing professional development of the faculty.

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