Events Workshop by the School of Hospitality

Ms Ng Siew Cheng, Teaching Fellow of the School of Hospitality who specialises in business event-related subjects, conducted an events workshop for 30 Girl Guides from zones Pudu and Sentul. The workshop is the School of Hospitality’s effort to engage with visiting students to explore learning opportunities in the School of Hospitality and future career prospects.

The workshop introduced fundamental elements of the events field, where the participants were exposed to the necessary knowledge and skills needed in the development of this field. Ms Siew Cheng also shared about how to design and execute a corporate gala dinner.   

All of the participants were also divided into groups for activities, where they were required to propose a themed gala dinner complete with the venue decoration, dress code, meals plan and pre-dinner activities.   

Ms Siew Cheng also mentioned that “Planning a Gala Dinner may sound like a simple task but it can be more complicated than expected.  The right choice of theme and others sub-elements are very important. Besides creativity, the most important rule to follow is to apply a ‘logic agenda’.  The industry is in need of new and fresh ideas for events planning to excite and enhance the participants experience. This group of Girl Guides did a fantastic job and I could see some fresh ideas through the group work carried out.”   

The workshop was indeed very beneficial to the visiting students where they are able to understand what the events industry has to offer. It also helps students to visualise a possible career pathway in events. The School strives to continually inspire young people to develop their full potential.