Event Management Students Raise Money For A Worthwhile Charitable Cause

Students undertaking the Diploma in Events Management (DEMT March 2017) intake from the School of Hospitality recently did their part in a CSR project, with proceeds amounting to more than RM3000 benefiting a charity house, named Rumah Victory.

Founded in 1998, Rumah Victory Children and Youth Home in Puchong provides a home for underprivileged children, including orphans, rebellious youth, and children from dysfunctional families, where they aim to transform these children’s lives through counselling, discipline, productive education and character building.

In conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of the School of Hospitality, the 27 students first started out with a campaign entitled “Service Over Sleep (S.O.S) – Service Comes First!”, where they highlighted the sacrifices and services of the hospitality industry through 6 important characteristics: commitment; interpersonal skills; problem-solving; teamwork; organisational skills and flexibility in service.


These were showcased through the first part of the campaign where 6 mannequins were strategically placed throughout campus, where interested participants were able to sign their names to the cause, as well as purchase tickets to the Charity Bazaar and donate money to the charity house


The second part of the campaign was executed a week later where a charity bazaar was held, with over 20 vendors gathered together to sell items from food and beverage, clothes, hand-made accessories, knick-knacks and many others. The event was made even more vibrant through DIY games made specially by the event students themselves, 4 food trucks including ChaTime and Haagen Daz, as well as a car showcase of GoCar.

The final part of the campaign saw the students visiting Rumah Victory for a pizza lunch and play games with around 30 children and young people, and then taking them out for the latest movie instalment: The Incredibles 2. According to Belinda Fong, a lecturer in the School of Hospitality: “It was an exciting trip for the children as they never had the opportunity to watch the movie in an actual cinema. It was even more outstanding as the movie was screened in a Beanie Hall in TGV SetiaWalk, where instead of cinema chairs, the children got to sit in a cinema full of beanbags, munching away on popcorn and soda”.

She also said: “It was a challenge, and a good learning experience for the DEMT students as they made all the structures, photo-booth backdrops, DIY games, decorations and art platforms on their own in an effort to minimise their budget, while trying to keep true to their objective in providing participants with an unforgettable experience”.

The execution of this event is a course requirement of the subject, Events Operations II, where students learn practical skills in organising and managing events. As a follow-up to Events Operations I, this subject, Events Operations II focusses on managing, staging and evaluating events, and provides a practical platform for students to learn to be critical and creative in managing events, obtaining sponsorships, creating promotional materials, as well as handling media relations and marketing strategies.

For 20 years, the School of Hospitality has been developing global players for the hospitality industry through its carefully designed programmes with emphasis on industry practices, management skills, hands-on learning projects and research competencies to prepare the students for a seamless transition into the world of work.

Two staff members have been an integral part of the School’s growth, as they have watched the School built its foundation and strength since its inception, functioning as a bridge to connect the students to the fast-moving hospitality industry, providing them with a strong understanding of management, leadership, business and service.

Ms June Quay, School Manager said, “I have truly enjoyed my time here at Sunway. Particularly in the last 10 years, as I allowed what the Bible says, ‘as iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend’ (Proverbs 27: 17) to work in my life, I have seen my own transformation as much as the School’s. Over the 19 years I have been here, I have reported to four Director of Programme / Heads of School / Dean. Each had their own flair and brought about change. As such, I didn’t have to look for change but change came to me! The School has indeed gone from strength to strength and I believe it will continue to strengthen to provide that cutting edge skill and business know-how in the field of hospitality to students.”

Ms Merry Lum, Teaching Fellow and Associate Programme Leader – Internship, also feels the same. "As the hospitality industry is diverse and exciting with an abundance of employment opportunities both here and elsewhere around the globe, I am truly blessed to be a part of the School of Hospitality for 18 years in helping develop the students' potential and maximise their learning potential,” she said.