Chef Chong Wei Tzeh from the School of Hospitality Wins Silver at the Asian Pastry Chef of the Year 2019

Chef Chong Wei Tzeh, Teaching Fellow of the School of Hospitality came forward as the champion at the Global Pastry Chefs Challenge – Malaysia Region and participated at the Global Chefs Challenge (Asia Selection), which was held recently in Bangkok. Chef Chong Wei Tzeh won Silver and was placed 2nd Runner Up for the battle of the Asian Pastry Chef of the Year 2019 at the Global Pastry Chefs Challenge (Asia Selection).

Chef Chong said, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof Marcus Stephenson, Prof Patrick Siau, my chefs colleagues and assistants back at the School of Hospitality, Sunway University for their support and trust. Also to Chef Bob, Chef Shafique and Chef Jess of Professional Culinaire Association of Malaysia for the opportunity and guidance. I would also like to thank Chef Rodolphe of Le Cordon Bleu Bangkok for providing me the technical support in preparations before the competition. It was a tough battle, to complete a plated dessert and a Dilmah tea-flavoured mousse cake in 90 minutes. Truly happy with this achievement and I hope it will inspire our Sunway University young chefs-students to excel further in the international arena".

According to Professor Marcus Lee Stephenson, Dean of the School of Hospitality, “I am proud of Chef Chong’s achievement and especially in the way in which he is continuing the legacy of the School, which has over the years been built on successful achievement in national and international competitions”.