‘Bright Ideas’: The School of Hospitality Celebrates NEON Moments with Inspiration

A group of motivated students from the School of Hospitality Management and representing the Bsc (Hons) Conventions and Events Management programme, recently organized a unique event with a neon theme.  

Sunway Neon 20.180 was aimed to deliver a unique experience by exhibiting a neon-inspired arts theme along with a series of related presentations, with the intention of spreading positivity, ‘bright ideas’ and creativity among participants.

Organizers - Students representing the BSC (Hons) Conventions and Events Management, August 2016 and August 2017 intake.

The students organized this event to fulfil the expectations of a practical project concerning their Productions and Operations subject. This subject provides a practical platform for students to organize an event in order to get hands-on experience in managing, staging and evaluating events.

This subject also enabled students to be critical and creative in managing events, obtaining sponsorships, creating promotional materials and handling stakeholder relations.

Group Photo - Students representing the of BSC (Hons) Conventions and Events Management, August 2016 and August 2017 intake, supported by BCEM January 2018 and March 2018 intake.

‘We have learnt how to liaise with sponsors, suppliers, and venue provider. This is a great opportunity for us to learn planning, marketing, design and promotion, live!’ said Gavin Chin, Project Leader of Sunway Neon 20.180.

This event was supported by the first semester students from the Support Service class. They were proud to play a part in this event as they were able to experience the process of event management and work together with their seniors.

Sunway Neon 20.180 attracted more than 500 participants and secured very significant sponsorship arrangements. Some lucky winners took home buffet vouchers from Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, shopping vouchers from popular branded companies and discount meal vouchers from sponsors.

As Sunway has always been mindful of its corporate social responsibility approach to society, ten students and five teachers from SMK Bandar Sunway (Special Education) were invited to participate in this event and have fun, getting ideas from the art work and being involved in interactive activities.

The challenger who completed the obstacle path in shortest time took home the buffet voucher from Sunway Resort and Spa.


The event was an inspirational success for the School of Hospitality, which strives for excellence in event management related education and ensures that its students are systematically engaged in an in-depth experiential learning platform.




Poster designed by Event Students.

Students and teachers from SMK Bandar Sunway (Special Education) had a good time at Sunway Neon 20.180.